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Work at Monki

Work at Monki

Meet Karolina
Karolina Kling is one of two head illustrators in Monki’s own illustration studio. A couple of years ago, she left London, where she had her own fashion brand Kling by Kling, for Gothenburg and Monki. For the creation of the autumn campaign she picked up her magic pen and drew some of her trademark crazy illustrations, littered with odd characters and strange beings on the season’s theme: Anytime, Anywhere, Any way!

So, you are an illustrator?
Yes, I’ve always been one, and love to create different prints and express myself through different media. Not only drawings but installation work and products too. I used to have my own fashion brand for many years when I lived in London. And then I moved to Gothenburg and started to work with the prints at Monkiville, Monki’s headquarters, which is really fun. So there’s just a lot of illustration going on!

How do you see Monki + illustrations?
It’s why I love working here: because you can see the print in everything we do as a concept. Illustration is really strongly connected to our brand, and to the Monki World. You’re not just having it on the T-shirts, you have it on the accessories, you have it on the website, you have it in Monki television … it runs through all the different parts, and I think that’s what makes the concept so strong. It’s inspiring for me to work that way as well!

On the Anytime note… if you had a time-machine, when would you go back to?
I don’t have one particular moment in my life I would revisit, but… you know those times when you have been working on a project for a really long time and you have a show or an exhibition and see it all come together. There’s sort of a moment there when you can see what you can achieve, really. In my work today things move rather quickly! It has been quite good for me in the past to maybe work on a project for half a year or even a year sometimes, and then see it all come together. I’m really happy that I’ve had moments like that in my life.

Nobody who works at Monki is like you.

We're all different, and we're all here because we've found something very personal to relate to in the Monki story - something that drives us to help spread the Monki message to girls all over the world. We're a tight-knit tribe of passionate, creative rebels, poets and dreamers who believe that work should be fun, fashion should be personal and every girl should be herself.

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