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Work at Monki

Work at Monki

Meet Nor
Although she dances in the Anytime, Anywhere, Any way campaign, Nor has quite a different job really: she’s the wonderful PR Spokesperson for Monki. So rather than pliés or pirouettes her days are all about travelling the world to handle opening campaigns and press … when she’s not working hard at her desk at Monkiville, Gothenburg. But we asked her to go back to her roots as a dancer, trained at the Royal Swedish Ballet School, and dance in some truly Monki fashion videos for us. After all, dreamy, can-do-anything Nor is of the most monki people we know. Living under the stars in a camper in Oregon? Yes. Growing a jungle of ferns in the living room. Of course.

So you are Monki’s PR spokesperson—but are you a dancer too?
I was a dancer before actually … but today I’m actually not really using it as an art form too much. But that is what dance is to me: it’s very much a way to express yourself, a form, a shape. You could almost see it as a parallel to design, even. I still bring the atmosphere of dancing and making choreography into my daily work. The discipline. And the idea of really enjoying what you do, but still work hard to do great work. I think that’s a really interesting combination.

Anytime, Anywhere, Any way—what does that mean?
I would say that to me, those words mean to be able to do whatever YOU want as your own individual, and I think that’s really NICE! There’s no right or wrong. Believe in yourself and do your own thing. Be anytime anywhere, any place. Just go with your own flow! That’s exactly how I see Monki: that it’s very allowing and inspiring. And it also let’s people like you and me get the chance to encourage other people to express who they are. That’s very, very nice and something I enjoy a lot.

Do you have a favourite Anywhere?
What a nice question! My favourite place in the whole world? I’ll be so cliché as to say the whole world! I travel a lot, I meet a lot of people… my favourite place is, yeah: everything, everywhere. It’s very strange! Sorry this got really spiritual somehow. I have a lot of favourite places and a lot of favourite moments.

Nobody who works at Monki is like you.

We're all different, and we're all here because we've found something very personal to relate to in the Monki story - something that drives us to help spread the Monki message to girls all over the world. We're a tight-knit tribe of passionate, creative rebels, poets and dreamers who believe that work should be fun, fashion should be personal and every girl should be herself.

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