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Size Guide

To find the perfect Monki fit, simply put on your favourite underwear and measure yourself directly on your body. Take care to wear a really splendid-fitting bra (you probably bought it at Monki!). Measure your chest over the fullest part of your bust (A). If you're looking to get another bra, take another measure directly under the bust (B). To measure your hips, go for the fullest part again. When you're looking for a great pair of trousers, measure your inside leg from the floor and all the way up.

  • A

    Measure your chest around the fullest part of your bust while wearing a bra that fits.

  • B

    Measure your waist around the narrowest point of your waist.

  • C

    Measure your seat around the fullest part of your seat.


How to Get That Perfect Pair of Jeans

There's more to the world than centimetres. Sizes in jeans, for example, are often given in inches: 30/32, 27/34 or 34/32. The first number tells you the size of the waist and the other how long the inside of the leg is.

A helpful tip: All Monki jeans sizes refer to your waist measurement.
In the picture of the girl above, this measurement is 'B'.

To give anyone who's used to the metric system you an idea of the length in centimetres, we've put together this neat little size chart and converter:

inch: 2425262728293031323334
cm: 6164666971747679818486