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The Monki Saga

The truly strange and wonderful tale of Monki’s birth. It all began on a very ordinary day. Three friends got together to do some Dreaming. And Thinking. And Doing. But what they dreamed up... was a different world.

A world of eclectic fashion, made for you with a store and a story like no other: a place that would be all about expressing yourself. Living life your way. A place where fashion would be fun and there’d be music and parties and laughter.

A place that was all about people like you.

A place that wasn’t ordinary, no way, uhu, not at all.

And somewhere inside that dream, something was born. Suddenly, in that place west of nowhere special and beyond the horizon tiny monkis appeared, floating like bubbles into a clear sky. A new kind of creatures, made up, not of atoms, but of imagination. And from one second to the next, each of the three friends had a little monki on their shoulder. Whispering. Encouraging. Nagging them! Saying:

"Yes you can! Sure you should! Go ahead!" and “You created this dream. Now make it come true!” (Because that’s what monkis do).

So the friends did something special. They began opening magical concept stores in their ordinary old world, one after another… stores that were portals into the Monki World.

Together, they became the founders of a wild and crazy international retail concept that believes that it needs to fight ordinary and boost imagination with an experience out of the ordinary.

And no days were ordinary anymore, at all.

Monki lore says we all have a monki sitting on our shoulder, whispering in our ear to boost us to dream and think and do the things we really want to do... glowing and growing every time we do.

Because sometimes, if we dare, dreams are just reality waiting to come true.


55% Dr , 30% He , 15% Lu

15% Lunalium
30% Helium
55% Dreams

We have seen her return from a long flight with a faraway look in her eyes. She whispers to you about nights with no end, and stars like diamonds spread out against the sky.


15% An , 20% So , 65% Pp

65% Proto-positivium
20% Socialium
15% Analysium

Yes! Yes, yes and yes again. We have never seen Oki anything but blissfully happy with whatever happens. Even the rain. Even mean people. Even the impossible. Sometimes we wonder if she’s ever been angry (and had to say sorry afterwards)?


10% Gt , 20% Wo , 20% So , 50% Em

50% Emotionium
20% Socialium
20% Wool
10% Gothium

One that we’ve seen, out of the corner of our eyes, stopping suddenly to stare into space… As if he could see things that live on other planets, in other seas. Hums the soft songs of the deep.


15% Fe , 15% Pu , 15% ❤ , 55% No

55% Notium
15% Plutonium
15% ❤
15% Iron

It’s a no. Whatever you want to ask, it’s a no, no, no. We believe Ikmo disapproves of e-v-e-r-ything. Tea, Paris, flowers, a first kiss. Ugh. Still, there are times when saying yes means selling yourself short. And times when everyone needs to say no. Ikmo is a no-friend.


10% Fa , 15% So , 50% Re , 25% Wi

25% Wilditude
50% Rebellium
15% Socialium
10% Fantasium

The jester, the secret laugher, the punk! The one that steels just one of your favourite socks or your best daydream and runs away with it with a wild cry, like a madman. That watches you watching him, hoping to make you stumble. The one you want to be, sometimes.


25% Se , 25% Go! , 50% X

50% X-ray vision
25% Go-lium!
25% Secrecium

An alien creature from far away, one-eyed, strange-featured, bouncing all over the place. Too much, too loud: so wonderful. He seems to come from a place far beyond even the Monki World.


10% He , 20% Sk , 20% Me , 50% De

50% Desirium
20% Metamorphosium
20% Silk
10% Helium

This one seems to ask: Are you even alive if you’re not in love? With someone or something or with everything. And so we’ve seen her fall for a trinket, a pretty pebble, a falling leaf or just a hint of some gorgeous colour.