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The Monki Stores

The Monki Stores

Our stores are portals to our world, a world full of mystery, myths and magic, the home of the mischievous monkis and the source of inspiration for our collections.

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    The Forgotten Forest is a part of the Monki world. In fairy tales, the forest often symbolises the opposite of the human world, the wilderness where you venture at your own peril, a place of banishment, enchantment, and mystery. The Forgotten Forest is all these things, and more - it is all forests, imagined and real and remembered, and none at all. It exists only in your head, and at the same time it belongs to everyone who enters. In the Forgotten Forest, you will find hollow tree trunks (for trying on clothes), mushrooms (with accessories and other pretty things on) and glowing tree branches (with clothes hanging on them). There's literally a carpet of flowers to walk on, and like any forest, it's quite easy to get lost…

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    City of
    Oil & Steel

    This particular corner of the Monki World, this abandoned city full of chemical neon, exists at some 35 places around the world. The concept is a post-apocalyptic vision, warm and dark and full of spills, mutations and strange light phenomena, but not in a gloomy way. Cities are about unplanned meetings, fortuitous accidents, clashes of culture, new perspectives and new growth, and our version is home to growing, living things. Brightly coloured plants sprout from the toxic pools and molecules are joining up into chains all around, preparing to become who knows what organism... And in this dismantled city, the maps have long since lost their relevance, so it might be hard to find your way… In the City of Oil and Steel, machine parts are scattered everywhere, brightly coloured bubbles hover in the air, and the floor is a puddle of smooth, spilled oil.

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    Sea of

    As in all Monki stores, and indeed all parts of the Monki World, it can be hard to stay focused in our third, and most recent, concept. Illusions abound, and perspective cannot be trusted. In these stores, we invite you to dive deep into the Monki World, to an underwater realm strewn with the wreckage of life topside - sunken carousels and the tangled rigging of long-foundered ships. Around it all, the denizens of this unstable society roam - enormous jellyfish, undulating plants stretching towards the faraway surface, multi-coloured water lilies. And beyond and behind it, creating currents of its own, elusive yet ever-present, you may glimpse the living skin of the vast underwater being who guards it all…

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