July 2013 Monki Friends

Arvida Byström - the photographer


the photographer

In the Anytime, Anywhere, Any Way campaign she:

The super competent photographer in charge of shooting our autumn fashion—who also modelled the fashion, but above all: took on the role of ambassador. Why? We guess Arvida and Monki both are all about = making creative stuff


Arvida Byström



Who, or rather, what:

multimedia, multichannel digital artist and photographer Arvida started out at 14. At 21, based in London, she works for British magazines like VICE and Swedish ones like Bon.


Monki <3 Arvida for her photos of course, as well as for her art and big, bad, bold belief in equality.

Questions & Answers You started out as a photographer when you were really young, right?

Yes… I usually say that I started doing photography because I’m too lazy to paint. But then I got really into photography, so I wouldn’t say that I’m that lazy when it comes to photography these days.

What does creativity mean to you?

Creativity to me is something I just simply can’t escape. But I also think sometimes you have to force yourself to do this in order to experience it. At least …make yourself feel satisfied with your own creativity.

… and photography?

When it comes to photography it’s been a bit… I’ve been shooting almost constantly since I was 14. And every six months I change my mind! Sometimes I’m like, OK I have to do photography, this is the only job I actually feel comfortable enough doing, to do. But sometimes I think that I should try and do something else… It’s also scary you know to try to make money on something that is really, really close to your heart basically.

So photography comes naturally for you?

Yeah, it does!

What advice would you give to a young photographer starting out? To yourself, at 14 ;-)

I would tell them to not be afraid. And also to know that it’s OK to force yourself, it doesn’t have to come naturally all the time. Sometimes it does for me, and I just express myself, but I still have to work at doing stuff. I have to be like, OK, I’ll put Facebook away and now I’m gonna do stuff. So … sometimes it’s OK not to be super creative.