January 2014 Monki Mozik

Mozik x Cuushe







Weird talent:

I can blink at the speed of light.

I dream of:

Summer of Berlin.  Long day, Lay down on the grass, talking with my friends.

Secret spot in your city which you love going to:

Vacant in Harajuku.  It's secret gallery, cafe, event space!

I dance to:

Music what make my body move.  Funny people who make my body move.  I mean everything what make my body move!

This makes me smile:

My friends, family, comedy, dancing people, warm stuff.

My favourite artist:

Boards of Canada, Daughter, How to dress well for now

Early bird or a night owl:

Night owl.  I make music from mid-night.  Night party by myself?(s???)s

First thing you think of when you wake up:

Wanna sleep again! and one more dream!

Discribe your Monki playlist in three words:

Fuzzy, DIzzy, Cozy