July 2016 Monki DIY

The hem roll out

We all have that pair of jeans; you love ‘em but … maybe they’re just-a-little-on-the-short-side, maybe you’ve just had them a while. Or maybe you want to customize your new Monki jeans in a simple and stylish way.

If so babe, the hem roll out from Monki’s denim dept. concept designer Alex, is just for you.

You will need:
  • Sharp scissors
    An iron
    Jeans: any Monki jeans will do, a mid to light wash will give you the best effect. We’ve chosen Mocki

  • Step 1: Cut them

    Carefully unpick the hem seam. Be patient, it’s tricky, small sharp scissors are best.

    Step 2: Roll them out

    Roll out the hem.

    Step 3: Iron them Iron the hem flat.

    Step 4: Wear them

    Ta-dah! You’re now the proud owner of srsly simple and srsly stylish customised jeans. Jeanious!
    P.S. According to wrap.org.uk, ‘An estimated £140 million worth (350,000 tonnes) of used clothing goes to landfill in the UK every year.’ So it’s cool to be kind to the world and customize your jeans!

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