July 2016 Monki DIY

The patch it!

Patches are to punk (and scouts) what diamantes are to the bedazzling ‘90s crazy, a necessity. We’re lovin’ patches right now, so much so we’ve teamed up with Swedish punk/rock band Dolores Haze to create a sweet set of collab patches. Malou, Monki’s amazing accessories concept designer, has helped us customise our oversized denim jacket these and more sweet things. A jeanious hack so simple I could cry. But I wont, because I’m dancing around in my new patched-up oversized denim jacket.

You will need:

  • Iron-on patches, pins and badges
    An iron
    Denim jacket: our oversized denim jacket is perfect – or anything denim really!

  • Step 1: Place them

    Take some time placing and planning where you want your patches and pins to go.

    Step 2: Iron them

    When you’re happy, iron the patches in place.

    Step 3: Wear them

    Ta-dah! Your new customized denim jacket is pimped up with patches and pins and ready to be your trans-seasonal jacket win. Jeanious!
    P.S. If you’re clothes are beyond a little customization to upcycle them, recycle them at Monki! Helps reduce landfill, plus you’ll get 10% off your next purchase – WIN!

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