August 2016 Monki DIY

The pocket-less jeans

As the saying goes, less it more. So why not remove your jean’s pockets. Yup, it looks amaze and after you get through the bar tacks (the tricky super stitched bits at the top) you’ll be unpicking like a pro and see how easy peasy it is.
Monki’s accessories concept designer, Malou, lent us her hands, brains (oh and patience, it does take a little while) to show us how to create this pocket-less jeans customisation.

You will need:
  • Small sharp scissors
    Jeans: an original 100% organic cotton denim pair like Kimomo or Taiki work best.
    P.S. the lighter the wash, the better the results!

  • Step 1: Un-pick them

    Carefully un-pick the stitching of your pockets using small sharp scissors or an un-picker.
    Pro Tip: Be patient! You don’t want to accidentally cut your jeans when trying to cut through the bar tacks.

    Step 4: Wear them

    Ta-dah! Your new customised jeans are pocket-less and ready to be teamed with a white tee for a supes classic and classy look.
    Pro Tip: Got mad sewing skills? Take things next step and re-sew the pockets back on but in a slightly different place, so you can see the dark denim patch where the pockets originally were. To do so you’ll need a sewing machine and needles that can sew through denim.

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