July 2016 Monki DIY

The stitch of love

No longer just for nanas, embroidery is definitely back in a big way, especially when customising jeans. Think of it as fashion graffiti you can create while sipping a latte. Malou, Monki’s super awesome accessories concept designer, helped us with this sweet embroidery customisation. So fun, but time consuming!
P.S. A little incentive & did-you-know to get you through all those stitches; re-use is far better for the environment than recycling: for every ton of cotton t-shirts re-used, 12 tons of CO2e are saved – compared to less than 1 ton of CO2e saved by recycling the same quantity. (wrap.org.uk)

You will need:
  • A ruler or tape measure
    Embroidery n Thick embroidery cotton (we chose white for contrast)
    Jeans: any pair of Monki jeans are good, we went for our ‘90s mom jeans, Kimomo.
    PLUS, you’ll need time!

  • Before you get stitching…

    Plan what you want to embroider on your jeans. We went for a statement, because empowering messages are our thang! But you could try a little heart or a simple running stitch in a contrasting colour along the hem, or down the leg, of your jeans. Need inspo? Get on Pinterest!

    Step 1: Mark them

    Choose where you’ll embroider your jeans. We decided to above the hem on the back of the back of the jeans. Because we love a raw hem we started by cutting off the hem.
    We then marked guide lines in chalk so we can embroider things straight and neat! We did this by measuring 2cm up from the bottom of the hem and drawing a chalk line, and then a second line 3cm above the first.

    Step 2: Sketch

    With our guide lines in place we then carefully sketched out our statement, ‘Not Yours’, with ‘Not’ on one leg and ‘Yours’ on the other.
    Pro Tip: If you make a mistake, simply smudge the chalk away using a damp cloth and start again.

    Step 3: Stitch them

    Now you have your chalk sketch, start stitching!
    Malou used a ‘split stitch’, but any stitch you fancy will do. Google basic embroidery stitches if you’re not familiar with any. P.S. Be careful not to stitch the two sides of the jean leg together!

    Step 3: Wear them!

    Phew! You so deserve a Hi-5! Embroidery takes srs TIME. Now go wear those babes with pride! Jeanious!

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