July 2016 Monki DIY

The uneven hem

Along being in love with the current denim customisation street style trend, we’re also in love with shoes. A lot. And to make your jeans and shoes a truly stunning style story made in denim heaven, Alex, Monki’s denim department concept designer, shared with us this jeanious hack, the uneven hem; customised jeans that will frame your fave shoes perfectly.

You will need:
  • Sharp scissors
    Tape measure or ruler
    Jeans: we recommend an original 100% organic cotton denim pair like Kimomo or Taiki.

  • Step 1: Mark them

    Mark a straight line across on the front panel of your jeans around 7cm up from the bottom.

    Step 2: Cut them

    First cut up the front panel of the jeans, 1/2 cm in from the side hem. You don’t want to cut directly on the hem. Then, cut across the jeans following the chalk line you marked.
    Pro tip: Using your fingers, pull at the loose threads and fray the raw edges a little. Over time and washing these the raw hem will naturally fray more.

    Step 4: Wear them

    Ta-dah! Your new uneven hems are ready to to frame a killer pair of shoes like our lace ups. Jeanious!

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