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Caroline Carlryd

Caroline Carlryd

Job title

Head of Design

My personal style in a single sentence

Contemporary fashion mixed with vintage.

Spring trends and how to wear them

Spring is really kicking in and we've filled our stores to the brim with a street-style inspired, true fashion collection that makes us smile. Three of our favourites:


A key fashion ingredients in the spring look is the long silhouette. Adding our soft transitional trench to an outfit is a perfect way to go long.


The relaxed and cool pyjama suit in different shapes and forms is another key trend— softly tailored kimonos worn with a wide pant or a pyjama blazer with a pair of slinky shorts. Why not wear them print on print? We love patterns from head to toe.


We love showing just a little bit of tummy too, and our collection offers a lot of opportunities to. Our lovely crop tops look great worn with for instance a skater skirt or a pair of high waist jeans.

I'm particularly proud of:


The transitional trench is my absolute favourite in black AND beige. Love the tencel; the material feels just like silk, it's so super soft.


And my go-to suit for this spring: so good-looking, cool and comfy.

Skater skirt

Also: a skater skirt that doesn't make your hips look weird, how great is that?

Why does Monki want to put the smile back in fashion?

To me, fashion is really strongly connected to lust, joy, creativity. That's the kind of feeling we want the clothes we design to give our customers! Feel good, be happy, enjoy being who you are. You're great, just the way you are. And smiling, as well as being smiled at has such a great effect on us all—that's a scientific fact. The fashion industry's campaigns can sometimes feel gloomy—or go the other way, and be too perky. We want our campaigns to show the honest, self-confident smile that we all love to be met by!

This makes me smile 

My two daughters and my husband. Fashion, of course. And I'm into western riding and natural horsemanship … it gives me a place in my life where I can find flow and total relaxation. You need that in a sometimes stressful everyday life.

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