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Emelie Flodman

Emelie Flodman

I work as:

I work for our lovely site –financial reporting, web analysis and sales development is my area.

I love my job because:

I get to combine my crazy passion for e-commerce with sales & fashion! I see never-ending possibilities online and I never ever wanna work with anything else.

My style in a sentence:

Romantic, girly and colorful, with a bit of an edge sometimes.

I love fashion because:

I just do… But it all started when I moved to Paris. Before that, I was actually a classic tomboy with no interest in fashion whatsoever. But Paris worked it’s magic and brought out a whole new me! I’m hooked.

How to wear the art attack look:

I love the textured piqué material; so personally I know I’ll wear that a lot. My new favorite is the crop version of the classic sleeveless polo. So girly and cute! I’d match it with a pair of high-waist trousers, or go all-in girly in a set, wear the polo with the midi piqué skirt.

Dress + heels = true

The dress in bright saffron yellow or the line drawing print is another hot item. Add heels and you’re all set for a summer night!

I’d wear THIS to a summer party (and love it):

A pair of high-waist trousers in a super soft material, with a crop top, definitely. With sun kissed hair and skin, a pair of big sunglasses and a cool summer drink, it's perfection.

This is the BEST SUMMER EVER because:

I just feel like the happiest I've ever been right now so I just know it's gonna be a fantastic summer!

Pro or against:
  • - barefoot-walking? - Pro! If I could, all day, everyday!
  • - ice cream cones - Pro! Ice cream is my religion.
  • - people playing music on the beach - Pro!
  • - festivals - Against? Never been (shame on me).
  • - hats - I rarely use hats, but pro because: cute!
Emelie's picks

Emelie's Picks