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Editor's Picks - Fiona


Fiona, but a lot of people call me Goons.

I work as:

I’m Monki’s resident digital and social media coordinator, making sure all our social media platforms look and sound good. I speak fluent emoji and think in hashtags.

I love my job because:

I get to nerd out over Facebook statistics, have photoshoots in our Instagram studio and check out what's happening on the internet. But, the best bit is talking to people all over the world who love Monki and working with a bunch of great people.

My style in a sentence:

Toddler chic- matching sets, lots of colour and print, retro shapes.

I love fashion because:

There is so much room for interpretation! One of my favourite parts of my job is checking out everyone’s #Monkistyle on Instagram and seeing how differently everyone wears things.

How to wear the digital mania look:

I’d wear it all at once, the shorts and sweatshirt with some sparky lurex socks. If you fancy a less full-on version, the digital printed, cropped tee paired with some black high waist jeans would be a more low-key but equally good way of owning this trend.

Mix it up? Or match it up?

Both! Sometimes I’m super coordinated and other days I have a complete wardrobe LOL and wear 5 prints at the same time.

I’d wear THIS to a summer party:

I’d wear our digital mania shirt dress, with some trainers so I can dance hard, the backpack so I can bring some treats to the party and some big bling to make it pop even more. And bright pink lipstick.

This is the BEST SUMMER EVER because:

I’ll be spending it Instagramming my days away, with bike rides to the sea, live music at festivals, sitting with friends soaking up the summer vibes. And doing my dream job in the mean time.

For or against:

Barefoot-walking: Against. I prefer to wear shoes, better for dancing

Ice cream cones: For. But only if there is chocolate ice cream at the bottom.

People playing music on the beach: Depends on the tunes. Can I DJ?

Festivals: For. Music, style-spotting, hanging out. Magic!

Hats: For. There’s nothing like a five panel cap to protect your head.

Fiona's picks

Fiona's Picks