September 2014 Editor's Picks

Editor's Picks - Nana



My title is:

Buying & assortment coordinator.

That means that I:

coordinate the different projects that Monki does every season, such as our lovely collaborations!

I used to:

Work as a product developer for Monki in Shanghai. Working abroad was fantastic. It´s amazing to travel the world and be a part of a totally different culture, you learn a lot about yourself. From working in production I also gained a deeper understanding of what it actually takes to make clothes.

I love my job because:

It never gets boring. Every season looks different and you never know what Monki plan to do next. I also LOVE being around talented and creative people all day long, it´s a very inspiring environment.

I also love:

Drinking strong coffee and have deep conversations about life.

My style in a single sentence:

Whatever I feel like wearing – I wear!

I picked these clothes because:

I have a weak spot for kimonos (I have a few too many) and Anna kimono is a perfect version of an ”easy to wear” kimono style. When it comes to the dress I just couldn't resist the fantastic marble print.

My best tip for wearing print:

Don’t overthink it! It looks so much better when it’s unexpected and doesn’t match too much.

This autumn I’m going to wear:

The fuzziest, fluffiest, coziest fake fur I can get my hands on.

The trends I look forward to:

Hmmm no specific trend but I´m really looking forward to layer up and wear loooong lengths of everything. Long coats, long scarfs, long cardigans, long gloves….. yeah you get it.

My autumn is going to be fantastic because:

I´m going to be home! It´s a perfect time to slow down and spend time with the ones you heart <3 the most.