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I work as:

Print designer at Monki.

I love my job because:

I get to be creative every day. And seeing fun and cool Monki girls on the streets every day, wearing something I’ve created. Feels like getting an award for your design work.

Other things I love:

Cooking, travelling and listening to music, dancing with my friends.

Monki prints are…

We strive to make ‘em unique and make ‘em Monki! There’s a fun aspect to our prints and patterns but they’re cool too. And of course we’re inspired by the latest fashion–the catwalks for sure, but even more, we just want to absorb whatever is going on in street style.

Print trends right now?

Florals. I just made one! It's going to be amazing. I see a lot of marbles too-- we've seen a lot of black and white ones, I think the strong colours are taking over now.

We’re also inspired by the beginnings of Internet- what I call the boom style. And carpet prints in strong, rusty colours! I think that'll be big as the season goes on.

To a summer party, I’d wear (and feel fab in):

If the weather was smashing, I'd wear this dream catcher dress, spicing it up with a load of accessories like big earrings, great shoes, a great bag.

This summer is going to be the best because:

1. I’m going to Iceland for the first time! I’m so looking forward to the whole nature experience. I had this dream almost a year ago about whales, so I'd really love to see whales. I’m really fascinated with big water creatures like sharks and whales and stingrays... I have to make that dream reality.

2. Warm summer nights in my former hometown, Copenhagen and my present, Gothenburg.

Rebecca's picks

Rebecca's Picks