August 2016 Monki DIY

The fringed hem

No matter if they’re high waisted, super stretch or mom fit, jeans are truly the apple of our eye. Right now at Monkiville we’re a little bit in love (or a lot) with the distressed/DIY-ed/hack/customised denim street style trend, so we decided to have a denim-hack day and customise our Monki jeans with the super fab Alex, Monki’s denim department concept designer and Malou, Monki’s accessories concept designer.

P.S. Customizing your jeans is an AWESOME way to be kind to the world. In fact according to, ‘extending the average life of clothes by just three months of active use per item would lead to a 5-10% reduction in each of the carbon, water and waste footprints.’ Win!

To start, Alex customises our ‘90s mom jeans, Kimomo, a fringed hem like no other.

You will need:
  • Measuring tape or ruler Chalk
    Sharp scissors
    Jeans: original 100% organic cotton jeans are best, like Kimomo!

  • Step 1: Mark them

    Mark a straight line across your jeans, around 10cm up from your hem is good.

    Step 2: Cut them

    First carefully cut off the hems to create a raw edge. Then cut up the length of your jeans and stop at your chalk line. Repeat spacing the cuts 1cm apart to create your fringe.

    Pro tip: pre mark the fringe lines in chalk first if you want your fringe super neat and even!

    Step 3: Wash them.

    Wash your jeans! This helps to create the curly raw edge fringe effect.
    Eco tip: Wash on the shortest cycle, at the lowest temperature and with other items. P.S. No softener!

    Step 4: Wear them!

    Ta-dah! Your new customised jeans are ready to be styled up with some cute as sandals. Jeanious!

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