March 2016 #monkistyle

Meet Anna

Anna, aka Aya is our final #monkistylecrew instagram competition winner. Hailing from Moscow we instantly loved her uber creative entries into the competition – such a digital babe!


23 but in my mind I am only 17

Describe your #Monkistyle in 5 words:

Tech, funky, practical and…neeeever-ending

Favourite song to dance too:

With Your Love by AZARI & III Reckless

Favourite hobby/pastime/chillaxing yoga pose:

I love to click, type, tap, drag, swipe, surf, scroll, push, plug, pinch and flick – maybe too many …? Up scroll is fine too :D

Tell us a little bit about where you come from:

Moscow is an intense, huge, busy, chaotic city for those who are not afraid of challenges.

In five words what makes you who you are:

Flesh, bones and a Facebook profile.

What do you <3 about Monki:

Monki is a fun fashion brand that really captures my attention. They have original and funky designs which match my tastes in fashion and art. Art is everywhere and Monki recognizes this; ideas and creativity rule the Monki brand. For that, I love it! 

What do you think is the most important issue in your corner of the world facing young Monki babes like yourself today:

Everybody looks too similar these days, too standardised - same jeans, sneakers and hoodies. Monki gives us a chance to fix that.

Best advice you’ve ever been given:

Keep calm and run faster

If you made a documentary, what would it be about:

It would be about parallel universes, virtual reality first of all.