August 2016 Monki Friends

Monki Denim X Dolores Haze:
Meet Groovy Nickz


Groovy Nickz aka Nicki


Lead singer/bass/ ‘I tend to be the person in charge, I think I might be bossy sometimes … but not in a good way … sometimes in a good way


Monki Kimomo Jeans

So it’s quite apparent after 5 mins with the band that you ladies are pretty much 24/7 always together... so what do you do/like besides the band?

Yeah we are! Always together and when I am not in the band I like to eat food.

Oh me too! Where and what’s good in Stockholm?

I like to eat everything… truffles… truffle pizza, truffle on everything… My favourite place in Stockholm, for eating… I actually like Brillo… any place that has oysters.

Dolores Haze is big on our playlist at Monkiville. What music are you into at the moment?

I listen to a lot of weird shit. I love Nostalgia pop… I always like to dig up things from the past, like old Anastacia songs… I love feeling nostalgic… I like… ahhh this question is always hard! I will have to check my playlist. I love British pop… Lilly Allen, Marina and the Diamonds. I also listen a lot to Peaches and Crystal Castles. I loved them several years ago, but I started listening again now. And I listen a lot to this French electro clash duo Sexy Sushi and Die Antwoord…
Wait, let me check my playlist… right now I am in the in between zone… I had a favourite song, but I listened to it a lot and started getting tired…
I also listen a lot to that song ‘Shut up and let me go!’ by the Ting Tings… it’s one of those songs that I listened to a lot five years ago then I found it again… It comes back.

(DH has created an awesome playlist for us, you can hear it over on our Spotify.)
So we’re collaborating with you all in our latest denim campaign, it’s fun working with such creative ladies. How does the collaborative process work with in the band?

Tyra and I usually write the lyrics, they always come from our notes in our diaries, and then if Tyra has a lyric she brings it to the rehearsing studio and someone might have come up with a drum or guitar thing and then we start. I start trying to sing the lyrics to the actual instruments, then I will change the lyrics a little so they fit … so we always adjust a bit.
The lyrics might come together at anytime, but the whole idea of a song usually comes together in the rehearsal studio. Or Lovina sits at home and does the guitar thing and then brings that along or I’ll do the bass in garage band … when we’re together it happens so quickly, we read each others minds.
We wrote our first EP in like two or three months. Everything happened so quickly, but then of course we were a lot younger back then and we had a lot more time to focus just on the writing and now we do a lot of other stuff … we’re not always the same, but somehow it always comes together in the end.

How does it work with school (Tyra and Lovina have recently graduated), jobs and balancing life?

It’s hard, you want to survive economically, and two of us graduate this summer so that’s good then we can focus more. I have tried to have a full time job but that is hard as you don’t know what to focus on. So sometimes you just forget about the band, or forget about the job… so you can’t balance it. You have to, I think it’s important to focus on one thing.

Agreed. So you ladies all grew up in Stockholm, Sweden, a huge exporter of music; ABBA, Roxette, Robyn to name a few. Do you think there’s been advantages/disadvantages to this?

Sometimes I’ve thought ohhh it would be great to base in England or the US, larger countries, but I think Stockholm is kind of a good place to start. In England there are SOOOO many bands, that no body would care about us in the first place.

So how did you ladies get, for lack of a better word, ‘discovered’?

Our manage Joel, couldn’t sleep one night and started searching for new music.
Or that is what he told us … he found our second EP, Accidental EP, and this was just when he was about to start the record label (he had been a PR manager at this huge booking company) and so then he was like ‘Oh man I need to sign these girls!’
He sent us an email and was like, ‘oh hi girls would you be up for collaborating in some way?’ He didn’t talk about making an album or anything just making a few songs, talking or hanging out. We were like, ‘who is this guy?’ because he signed the email with only ‘Love J’.
We didn’t know he was this super professional music guy. Then he called me up and he talked about how he worked with huge Swedish artists, we were super naive back then so I am glad he didn’t scam us or anything. A few months later we got signed by our label ‘Whoa Dad… I think we were the first label they signed then.

I was speaking to Tyra before about the struggles with being labelled, being called a ‘girl band’ instead of just a band … I know in the past you’ve mentioned that ‘the fact that we exist and play is enough,’ do you still find this stigma annoying.

We find it super annoying. Of course we are feminists, and we’re proud to say that we are but that isn’t what we want to say in every interview. There was a guy in Norway who did a review of a live show and it was a good review (9/10) but half of the interview was about Lovina having hair under her arms. We were like why does it have to be like that, it’s about the music! So it sometimes tends to over shadow what we do, we do music and we create music and people should respect us for that.

We love this attitude; of just being and doing what you want. A great message for Monki babes out there.

I think its fun to be a role model for younger girls who want to create something for them selves, it doesn’t have to be music. I hope we can inspire other girls to feel more secure about themselves and follow their dreams, because that’s what we’ve done. So far it’s worked.
I feel lucky, in Sweden people tend to not be too much… ‘lagom’ (the Swedish world for being somewhere in the middle) but we’re not about that, at all. And I don’t think it should be that way. Because as soon as someone is a little too much, they call them divas in a bad way, people are not use to that stuff. So when we came to the music scene, people were shocked or confused, they didn’t know what was going on… we were so young, we were 16 and 18 or something like that… so people didn’t take us seriously.

But you’re making music, kicking ass and with amazing style I must say. One thing we love is the unique style and presences you all command. Where does your fashionspiration come from?

I love the 70’s. I love looking up glam rock stars of the 70’; the Runaways, I love Cherie and Joan Jett from the runaways, David Bowie…
I play around a lot. I cut my hair into a mullet a few months a go, now I am thinking about bleaching it… I am not sure how that will go as I have dark hair. I like Grimes and I saw that she has bleached hair. I saw a photo of her and was like, ‘I need to have a bleached mullet!’ I always look around on Pinterest and Instagram for inspo…

Is it the same with Make-up on stage, a lot of experimenting?

I always get a bit too crazy before going on stage, I love playing around with make up, I don’t do that in a regular day, being on stage I want to experiment a lot more. Like putting the eye shadow all around the eye, like you look a bit sick… I think that’s nice. I like silver or red eyeshadow, or brown, brown metallic. I never practice, I just go crazy and put it on.

So if you had to choose, lipstick or underwear, what could you live without?

I prefer to live without underwear… I love lipstick… But I love my bra … I have such big breasts.

So going from boobs to denim, as we’re shooting today for Monki’s up coming denim campaign, what are your go-to jeans?

I actually have jeans from Monki; high waisted black and flared and I wear them a lot. I really love high waisted jeans. I am not really into super tight skinny jeans, as I’ve been into that for so many years, so I need something new. I’m into mom jeans, or flared jeans… I’m also really into jeans on jeans! Double denim, in the same colour, a whole jeans suit!

Nice, double denim is dreamy. You’re currently wearing Monki Kimomo, Mom jeans, love ‘em?

I love the fact that they’re high waisted, as I always wear high waisted jeans. I love how plain they are, you can play around with them a lot; paint on them, rip the hems or make holes in them. I think it’s a style that fits basically everyone.

Our ‘90s Mom jeans are so on trend. We also love that now our new season jeans are made with 100% organic cotton! Any good tips for cleaning, caring for them?

No… I just never wash them!

Airing is caring! So naturally there is a mutual attraction between us. I mean what’s not to love about DH. So what made you as a band want to work with Monki?

The fact that you’re not just promoting hyped artists, but people that you find inspiring and cool. I think that your campaigns are inspiring, and there’s other fun things going on from artists … like playlists!

Yes! We’re going to get one from you as well!

Yes! It’s going to be so good.

So before you need to jump back in front of the camera, what’s coming up the near future for Dolores Haze?

We’re in the middle of writing new songs and planning on releasing a new album or single or EP… some sort of release in the Autumn. So we’re writing new material, meeting new produces and trying to figure out what to do next.

And lastly, back on the topic of food; your dream Fika date. Who and what?

I would love to meet Grimes, and Marina and the Diamonds, because they seem super fun, crazy, and we’d have chocolate cake and vodka!

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