March 2016 #monkistyle

Meet Nathalie

Nat is another of our #monkistylecrew instagram winners. She’s also practically our neighbour, based in Gothenburg, Sweden, just like we are! Super chilled we love how contagious her smile is – doesn’t this lady just make you happy!


20 but in my mind … age is just a number baby


Gothenburg, Sweden

Describe your #Monkistyle in 5 words:

Comfortable (yet) stylish, versatile, playful (and a bit) unexpected (at times).

Favourite song to dance too:

It’s a tie between Good Morning Baby (original mix) by Max Bett and Venus Fly by Grimes featuring Janelle Monae. It depends on my mood!

Favourite hobby/pastime/chillaxing yoga pose:

Cuddling with my cats babies Tussen & Tigns. They’re everything to me.

Tell us a little bit about where you come from:

I’m originally from the city Trollhättan, but Gothenburg is my jam. We have four very distinctive seasons here in Sweden and I prefer the warmest one, which of course is summer! But I love fall fashion the most!

In five words what makes you who you are:

Artistic, animal loving, fashion/music freak.

What do you <3 about Monki:

Monki enables us to show who we are without having to speak. Monki enables us to express ourselves and be ethical, without sacrificing mother earth.

What are the big issues facing babes like you today:

I’ve always loved the way Monki encourages people to embrace themselves and their own style! There is no right or wrong, just be you! All positive vibes. Monki feels like family to me - especially after this fantastic journey we’ve been through. The people I’ve meet from the #monkistylecrew are the most amazing and wonderful people out there.

What do you think is the most important issue in your corner of the world facing young Monki babes like yourself today:

There are a lot of things, one thing I can think of, are the ideals and today standards pushing people into dangerous eating disorders. The most important thing is to feel good in your own skin, but it’s hard when you’re constantly told by society that you’re not good enough just the way you are. Monki is pushing boundaries when it comes to this!

Feminism is…

Really important when it’s taken for what it is and not pushed to any extremes. I want equality for EVERYBODY. No matter what gender, orientation, skin colour or “social status you have”!

Best advice you’ve ever been given:

This is not advice I’ve been given, but I’ll give it to you. Go vegetarian. Or even vegan! For the animals, for the people and for the planets sake.

Fave thing about Monki’s Spring 16 collection:

I really like the colour scheme and patterns used – I usually wear a lot of monochromatic clothes, but the colours and patterns are all growing on me.