March 2016 #monkistyle

Meet Yohana

Yohana is another Team Monki babe and an etheral kinda of lady. She has the kind of energy that makes you want to be close to her – like your sista from another mista!


24 but in my mind 44


Stockholm, Sweden but based in Oslo, Norway

Describe your #Monkistyle in 5 words:

Lots of black, fresh, bohemian, comfortable, only silver accessories.

Favourite song to dance too:

”Holler” by Spice Girls is a very good and nostalgic song to dance to, otherwise I dance to any thing with a nice beat like ninja pop or dancehall!

Favourite hobby/pastime/chillaxing yoga pose:

I truly love baking and sharing it with good company.

Tell us a little bit about where you come from:

I’m from an area south of Stockholm with bright orange brick houses, where the sun always shines no matter season. Where my friends and I had the best water fights… Using the public laundry room as our water supply!
An area close to a small forest where we use to pick blueberries to bake pies with, on the side of the lake where we swam in the summer and skated on during the winter. A small paradise on earth for a kid like me.

In five words what makes you who you are:

Down to earth, honest, goofy, I have a VERY loud laugh, and inviting.

What do you <3 about Monki:

Monki is like a playground for adults, I love all the glitter, happy colors and fun patterns. Also the wonderful and creative creatues I work with! A big SHOUT-OUT to Monki KJ, Oslo – where I can be, and where I want to be, the best of me. LOVE!

What do you think is the most important issue in your corner of the world facing your monk babes like yourself today:

To not fit in, to feel like your not good enough and to constantly satisfy others. There is so much and high expectations on young babes.

Feminism is…

Simply that it does not matter if your born with a vagina or a penis between your legs. Equality for ALL please!

Best advice you’ve ever been given:

My mum always says to be kind to everyone you meet because you don’t know their story.

Fave thing about Monki's Spring '16 collection:

The combination of the strong yet earthy colors are amazing!