September 2013 Monki Friends

Moira Ganley - the filmmaker


the filmmaker

In the Anytime, Anywhere, Any Way campaign she:

Made all Monki Television episodes about the shoot, apart from showing our fashion in a superb way— and inspiring us all to dare to follow our dreams, all the way into reality.


Moira Ganley




Who, or rather, what:

Young entrepreneur and filmmaker Moira runs her own film and digital communications company, Flip-Flop Interactive, in Stockholm, Sweden together with some friends. Oh, and she’s a whiz at those moving images, too!


Monki <3 Moira, brave entrepreneur, artist and the embodiment of the word friendly.

Questions & Answers

Tell us: why did you choose to start your own company?

I had a great experience telling stories for Monki last year through Monki Television. And then I felt super inspired to work with other storytellers and video makers that I know, and it naturally progressed so I ended up starting my own company with these people. Yeah: I just want to tell stories for a living! It's fun! Everyone has a story. Every company has a story. It’s just about telling that story and sharing it with other people.

Why film? Why is that your thing?

When I get behind a camera I see things from a different perspective. I just see reality in a different way. And there are so many perspectives you can capture when you film. So I could capture something from this angle or that angle… and every different angle tells the story in a different way. I find video super creative. I like the aesthetic side of video - and the beauty that can be captured.

So what do you think about this woman and power thing?

You know, I really appreciate that about Monki - they’re constantly empowering women. So to be invited to be a part of this autumn campaign - as an ambassador, as a filmmaker - but also as a young entrepreneur- is really flattering. It makes me appreciate Monki ten-fold. They want to show real women who are entrepreneurs like me or who are working for themselves and who are following their passion and believing in what they’re doing.