November 2013 Monki Friends

Monki gifts

25 days, 25 gifts from one amazing girl to another. We asked a bunch of friends from all over the globe—bloggers, actresses, an MTV host and a crew of other creative girls—to send a Monki gift to a girl they think has done something amazing this year. Who? Click play to find out.

25th December

There’s only one Monki gift left to give, and this one is shrouded in mystery! Who is giving and who is receiving? Check it out:


24th December

Here comes Clara Amfo DJ and radio host from the UK with the mission of giving a Monki gift to someone she loves. Who could it be? Click play to see!

23rd December

Staying with the theme of Nordic melody makers, Norwegian electronic pop duo MMM, share who inspired them this year. Who could it be?

22nd December

Emma, one half of Finnish electronic duo, LCMDF, is here to tell us who she’s giving her Monki gift to and why. Have a peek!

21st December

Hong Kong blogger, Mellow Mayo shares her Monki gift list with us today. Check it out!

20th December

Coming in live from Moscow’s Red Square is Glamour Russia’s Senior Fashion Editor, Katya Klimova. Who’s on her holiday list? Find out!

19th December

Today, Tracy Wang is going to share who she'll be giving her Monki holiday gift to. Give it a peek! 

18th December

DJ collective Space Girls celebrate the holiday season by giving their Monki gift to someone very special. Who could it be? Have a look! 

17th December

Maya Kibble, contributor for Nylon Japan has only one name on her holiday list. See who it could be!

16th December

Blogger Adeline Rapon sent this video all the way from France to tell us who is on her Monki holiday gift list. Now you know who it's from, see who it is to!

15th December

Double gift-giving loveliness from German blog, This is Jayne Wayne, with Nike & Sarah. Have a look at who they'll be giving their holiday gift to!

14th December

Here comes Caroline from Danish blog, Rainbowdash! Who could she be giving a gift to? Give a look!

13th December

Swedish blogger Karin Bylund has a one person on her mind this Christmas. Watch the video to find out who!

12th December

Hong Kong blogger No7, doesn't have to wait for the seventh day of Christmas to give her Christmas gift! Who is on her Christmas list though? Take a peek!

11th December

Norwegian DJ, Beryl Diane knows the best way to spread Christmas cheer is with a little gift! But who will get her Christmas gift? Find out!

10th December

Chinese blogger, Cherry Gun tells us about the person she wants to thank with a gift this Christmas. Check it out!

9th December

The multi-talented Netherlands native, Eva Bartels shares who is on her Christmas list with us! Come and see!

8th December

Emmi from Finnish blog No Fashion Victims Here, has someone special in mind this Christmas. Who could it be? Find out, here!

7th December

Who has Japanese DJ Unofumi got a present for under her Christmas tree? Have a looksie!

6th December

It’s no surprise to discover that Bonnie Strange, blogger, IT girl and shop owner, has a bunch of people on her Christmas list. But who could they be? Find out, here!

5th December

Typhaine Augosto, from Cuillère á Absinthe, shares who is on her Christmas gift list with us. Have a look!

4th December

Dusya Yastrubitskaya from Ping Pong Club Moscow tells us about a special someone that she is giving a Christmas gift to. Check it out!

3d December

Danish blogger, Cille Dawis, has someone special on her Christmas gift list, who could it be? Find out!

2nd December

Who inspired MTV’s “The Wrap Up” presenter, Cheyenne Davide in 2013? Check it out!

1st December

Curious about who Wasima is giving a Christmas gift to this year? Find out, here!