September 2013 Monki Friends

Nicole Walker - the stylist


the stylist

In the Anytime, Anywhere, Any Way campaign she:

Dug her hands into our fashion and helped everyone put together outfits to express their personality. And stood in front of the camera. And handled a dog. And dreamt of cats.


Nicole Walker/p> City:

Stockholm (or LA)

Who, or rather, what:

Ever since she insisted on going to kindergarten one winter day in nothing but a bathing suit and a fancy hat, Nicole has been a stylist. She loves to dream in fashion, we’d say. And don’t we love that? We do.


Monki <3 Nicole for her inspiring personal style and poetic, kind of quirky imagination.

Questions & Answers

How did all this start for you? The styling and the love of clothes…

To be totally honest, I think it started when I was a kid! I used to go to kindergarten in the weirdest outfits.

Tell us the bathing suit tale…

My mother has this story of one time when I just flat-out refused to wear anything but a bathing suit. And it was in the middle of winter (in Sweden, too) and there was snow like up to my knees… And since then I’ve just played with clothes, played with styling for years.

So your job is totally playful?

It’s very playful to me! I mean, it’s my job but it’s also my biggest interest. And I can’t get enough of it.

What do you think Anytime, Anywhere, Any Way means?

Well, that’s what I feel that Monki stands for. That you can wear their clothes anywhere, anytime you know. I feel very attached to what I wear. It’s such a huge part of who I am. Almost to the point where I should be more of the kind of person who could be comfortable walking around naked. No, I can do that! But as soon as I dress in something I feel it. I also love to combine visiting places with a certain style.

Give us an example.

For instance if I’m in Paris, I want to dress like a parisienne, you know. Whatever that means! In my head I picture what a Parisian lady looks like and so in Paris, I want to look like that. And when I’m in the desert I wanna be this desert queen and walk around in like… floating coats you know.