August 2013 Monki Friends

Sibille Attar - the artist

You have made both visual art and music - which of those have been the biggest influence on your style and your fashion sense?

To me working with images, words or music is in a way the same thing. Just different tools. I want to approach it with a wider perspective, rather than just one single source of inspiration!

The video for Come Night (which we love, by the way!) is composed entirely of vintage film clips, and you also post a lot of old photos and films on your homepage ( Are you inspired by vintage in your fashion choices, too?

I have to be! I've never really been able to prioritize expensive clothes! But more like second-hand than fancy vintage, heh heh. Thing is, first of all I do music, the last thing I think of is clothes, but I do like looking nice.

Are you a die-hard denim chick, or can you get by without jeans in your wardrobe?

It's hard to live without a great pair of jeans, for sure! I don't have that many, though.

Do you have a favourite jeans brand or store that is your go-to?

I haven't really found the perfect pair yet... But these Monki jeans are on the list, they have all the right characteristics, I love them!

We loved the top with the skeleton on it that you wore at Popadelica recently. How do you go about picking a stage outfit?

The top you are talking about is part of a DIY old halloween outfit, haha! I know it's kind of a boring answer, but to me the most important thing when you're on stage is to feel comfy. I could actually wear these monki jeans!The more shows I do though, the more I want to dress up, for some reason!

Do you plan your outfits for a gig in advance, or is it a case of last-minute inspiration?

It all depends on what kind of show it is. At festivals for example you don't always have the time, especially if you are on tour and you just go on and then off again, so to speak. When I have the time I like to make some effort. I sometimes ask my pal Nicole Walker to help me out and she lends me a lot of nice wee things, and another friend, Diana Orving, has also helped me with some pretty amazing things. I have GREAT friends!