March 2017 Style crush!

Stephanie Broek
Fashion features editor

Stephanie Broek

This is cool for real. We’re excited to introduce Monki’s first ever official Style Crush: a person whose sense of style inspires us as a creative fashion brand. Stephanie Broek (pronounced Brooke, like Brooke Shields) is a Fashion features editors at Glamour Netherlands. Her signature mix of feminine style with contrasting sporty and street inspired elements is very personal, very now, and totally charming. As is she. We fell for the way she takes fashion seriously, but there is so much fun in the way she styles herself.
All together, she’s the given choice as Monki Style Crush for spring and summer 2017.

I <3 this! The “best of spring/summer 2017” drop was inspired by Stephanie Broek as our Style Crush, and features a curated selection of the highlights from Monki’s spring/summer season. Key garments include a version of the iconic trench coat, the super long lightweight parka, the frill blouse, the plissé skirt and of course, a micro collection in gorgeous, stand out hot yellow, a sunflower shade that packs some power. Key styles include dresses worn over track suit inspired lounge trousers, frill blouses worn with either romantic plissé skirts (double up on romance) or dressed down with 90s jeans, and fashion classics like the trench coats worn over casual sweatshirt hoodies.

And guess what? Stephanie loved it back.

We caught a plane to Amsterdam one sunny morning to capture her and the looks she inspired with her, in her native environment: the beautiful, softly coloured streets and funky colourful cafés of the city she calls home.

Stephanie Broek

Let’s ask the BIG question at once: why do you love fashion so much?

I really love how you can see something completely different every season. We’ve been wearing dresses, for instance, for almost as long as there have been humans on the earth and still designers can really do something different with the concept. It inspires me. And I love that style is about being yourself and reflecting your personality through what you wear, and communicating. That’s just really inspiring.

You were a great part of the inspiration for this Monki collection — but what do you think about it?

What I love about this collection is that it’s super feminine on one hand, but it has some cool, sporty elements as well. Exactly my style! I love blouses with ruffles and mini skirts, but I love sneakers and hoodies as well.

Stephanie Broek

So, what’s “the Stephanie Broek” signature style like?

I think I so have a signature style. It’s really… I never intended to create one, or said "Oh, this is going to be my signature style". It just happened. I think my style is quite quirky and super feminine but never overtly sexy. It’s also about surprising combinations. For example, I would never wear a dress with high heels. I would wear the dress with sneakers or kitten heels and a bomber or puffy jacket. I always combine different things. And I always wear glasses, never contacts which is sort of a signature thing. I think my glasses make me sort of nerdy-slash-geeky! Yeah, I think that’s pretty much kind of my style.

Favourite looks?

One of my favourite looks is the one where I’m wearing a trench coat, a hoodie, jeans, sneakers and a silver cross shoulder bag. This is one of those outfits I could see myself wearing to the office, for coffee dates with friends and even for a casual date night with my boyfriend at the movies. It’s comfortable, easy, effortless, kind of chic and cool as well. I could totally see myself wearing this to Fashion Week as well!
My second favourite look is the silver skirt with the lilac sweater and the fishnet tights. I can’t wait to wear this to a party with friends! This look reminds me of the swinging sixties, one of my most beloved fashion eras. Don’t forget to add Twiggy eyeliner!

What about the key look, the frill blouse and printed midi skirt in hot sunflower yellow?

Even I was kind of shocked at first when I saw the yellow blouse with frills and the yellow floral skirt. It’s really, REALLY out there. But like other items that don’t convince you directly when you see them on a hanger, the trick is to just try them on. Have some fun in the fitting room! I never would have thought that I could pull off yellow with my skin tone, but it turned out I can. Even if the sun doesn’t shine, this outfit brightens everything up. And I mean, aren’t those yellow aviator sunglasses to die for? And the frill blouse in yellow or black with a polka dot pattern has endless styling options. It looks great with skinny jeans, with flared jeans, with boyfriend jeans, with a skirt or just worn under a 90s dress with spaghetti straps.

Stephanie Broek

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      The plissé skirt is an important piece, in coral pink or in what we call a social media print

      The little doodles and texts on the printed one are totally Instagram-proof!

      The army jacket

      A true staple piece. So versatile and easy, and it adds immediate coolness to your outfit.

      The long lightweight parka

      I wouldn’t survive the rainy Dutch weather if I didn’t have a parka like this one to cover up in when I’m cycling ;). I’m so happy I found this one to replace the ugly poncho I used to wear!

      The trench coat

      Another staple piece that every girl – in my opinion – should have in her closet. I hadn’t found ‘the one’ yet, I’m so happy I finally did! The fit, the finishing, I love everything about this trench coat.

      The frill dress

      I have so much fun in front of the mirror playing around with grandma dresses to make them more young and ‘now’ by adding sporty socks, eye-catching sneakers or platform heels.

      Sweatshirts (in pale lilac, if there’s anything you’d like to add)


      Sweatshirts are true comfort clothes. They are warm, comfortable and I like the boyish touch they add to a look.

      Anything else you like — or don’t like? ;-)

      I’m obsessed with the black sliders I wore during the shoot! I am so happy sliders are no longer just for camping trips but have been accepted as regular footwear.

      Stephanie Broek

      This collection is full of coral pink, hot sunflower yellow, camo and deep blue — are you a colour- loving type?

      Ha ha, it’s true, I love colours! The colours I wear reflect my mood. And if I’m not in a good mood, they cheer me up! On grey, rainy days especially I need a colourful outfit to give me an energy boost.
      I can’t remember the last time I wore an all-black outfit. Oh yes, now I do! I once did an experiment with one of my best friends for Glamour and the magazine she works for. Our styles are completely opposite. Azarakhsh loves black and her style is very minimal and sober. I love the way she dresses. It looks beautiful on her; she doesn’t need much more than a white blouse, jeans, a biker jacket and heels. She likes my style too, but she thinks it’s too out there for her. So as an experiment, we completely switched wardrobes for four days.

      We both felt horrible. She felt exposed in my floral pants and man-repeller sandals. I felt depressed in her total black outfit. But we both learned something. Ever since that experiment, Azarakhsh started adding a little bit more colour to her looks. I learned that it’s okay to mix a basic item like a white T-shirt with a more colourful skirt or trousers. I realized that not everything I wear has to stand out. But I doubt we’ll ever switch closets again, ha ha!

      Stephanie Broek
      Anything else you’d like to say or add?

      I love the fact that Monki is a feminist retailer. We should all be feminists and dress for ourselves. Fashion is much more fun when you do!