June 2016 Trend Talk

Trend Talk: Sunny side up plz!

If there ever was a season for keeping it simple, sunny-minded ppl, this is it.


K.I.S.S. summer style

And all we really need to keep our style choices K.I.S.S. is: crisp cotton, cool jersey and stone washed denim. Light, bright and soft as summer sunshine. You know the kind that sneaks through your blinds and wakes you up hours before you really want to. But, hey, the sun is up, the sky is blue, it’s awesome and so are you. A pair of cut off jeans shorts, a crisp, ribbed polo top and a pair of just-clunky enough workwear inspired sandals are all you need to be prepared for a summers day.


Embroidered jeans. Plus, kittens.

To up your millennial factor, choose a pair of denim shorts with embroidered graffiti. You really can’t go wrong with a sun of your own in your pocket, embroidered or not. Spending the day sightseeing or indoors? We suggest a wide, clean cut cotton shirt with a pair of 90’s fit jeans in that light blue stone wash we just can’t enough of with embroidered kittens on the knees. Cats and denim, two of our favourite things. Hooked on the embroidery thing? Throw a 90’s style stone washed jeans jacket with stitched-on decorations over your shoulder too.


Colour of choice: peach.

Peach. A trend we love. To go all in fashion, pick a see-through mesh dress to wear over a say a tee and shorts. To go for attitude, choose our favourite, the silky peach bomber jacket. Just want a touch of it? A peach-coloured cotton t-shirt with a pair of jeans shorts. It will make you feel, well, just peachy.


Scandi cool cotton .

Cooler and comfier still: combine a boxy crop tee with a pair of cotton tie waist crop trousers with a deep pleat. Scandi cool meets Asian street style in an outfit that is sure to be your next favourite thing. Or go west: pick a ruche front frontier-inspired cotton dress. As easy-breezy as they come. But our tip for the very, very simplest of all K.I.S.S. styles? A free-flowing, super soft, oversized jersey dress. It may sound simple, but girl, it packs a punch style wise. We bet you have lots in common too. No? The jersey breathes, you breathe. The dress looks good, you look good. See? Practically twins.

Keep it simple. Enjoy the summer. Every last drop of it.