September 2016 #monkifesto


10 years. 10 statements.

Celebrating our 10th b-day by putting our foot down and our banners up!

With the Monkifesto, we want to bring issues that are central to young women (and everyone else) today into the limelight. So this September we partnered up with people from Monki’s past and present to add our voice to the debate around periods, body hair, cyber bullying, love and sisterhood.

Period activist Kiran Gandhi, sex advice columnist Karley Sciortino, Flora Wiström, blogger and author with a gender perspective, creative duo Mahoyo, creative film collective
Sorta Kinda Maybe Yeah, body positivity spokesperson and fashion blogger Danielle Vanier, young female manager Rita Popova, LGBT rights spokesperson Sarah Moore and Minerva Amiss joined Monki’s own; Judy, Maria, Emma, Pauline, Guillaume, Amanda, Tove, Sarah, Josefin and Julia for two days in Stockholm dedicated to creating the #monkifesto. Together, we wanted to start discussions around 10 things we as Monki had learned along the way, and really believe in. Why? Monki was created in 2006, simply because there was no Monki. The phrase, conceived at the same time as the brand, describes the way we look at fashion and how we want to create an empowering space for self expression. 10 years after we opened our first store, we’re still riding the wave of enthusiasm and purpose of those early days—and that’s why we’ve created our Monkifesto.

Starting in September 2016 and continuing all the way up throughout the autumn, our very first Monkifesto was our way of taking the discussion further than we ever have before. Because ten years after we opened our first store, the issues we saw back, well, most of them are still around. And as a company of mostly women, run by women, that makes fashion primarily for women (we like everyone else too) we are, to put it nicely, pretty pissed about that.

Periods are cool

Periods are cool. Period.*

Kiran Gandhi

*And messy. And painful. And totally awesome.

Time to put an end to period stigma. Time to stop seeing something so normal as something women should be embarrassed by — or be made to feel embarrassed for. It’s just a period. It’s cool, it’s fine. It’s normal. It’s what makes the world go round.

Please yo'self

Please yo’self

Karley Sciortino

Own your body, own your pleasure! Masturbation is an equality issue. Knowing what feels good for you and knowing you have the right to feel it —alone or with a partner—can change so much.

Let love loose

Let love loose*

Sara Moore and Minerva Amiss

*Never ever let it lose.

Love is love is love is love. That’s all there is to it. Some people love people of a different gender, some people love people of the same. Some people love in other ways. No matter. It’s really quite simple: it’s the greatest thing we’ve got. Love is love is love is love. High time everyone sees that.

Cut the norm

Cut the norm

Flora Wiström

There is no rule that says you have to shave. It’s not unhygienic, icky or not female enough. And no rule that says you can’t shave if you want to. Cut the norm. The norm doesn’t matter. Whether it’s about shaving or something else entirely: it’s up to you to decide. It’s your body.

Sharing is caring

Sharing is caring

Danielle Vanier

A screen isn’t magic. It won’t protect people’s feelings. Things that hurt offline, hurt online. Things that are mean said to someone’s face are mean on social media. Everyone should be able to share their opinions, ideas, stories and yeah, holidays, outfits and selfies. And access the (true) magic of the net without risking verbal attacks by strangers. Let’s reclaim the Internet.

Knowledge is queen

Knowledge is queen

Rita Popova

Some people see being a girl and being young as two reasons to fail. Being female doesn’t disqualify anyone from anything. Least of all achievements. And being young is a state, not a hinder. Learn, make mistakes, learn from your mistakes, lead, move things forward, shake this world up, learn some more. It’s a step towards the future, every time.

Be a drama queen

Be a drama queen

Film collective Sorta, Kinda, Maybe, Yeah

Reclaim the words! There are those who expect women to play nice. We say: keep it real. Make your voice heard. Be loud. Be proud. Cry if you want to. Laugh out loud. Be quiet. Be angry. Share your story. Share your opinions. Share yourself. Take the space.

Salute siterhood

Salute sisterhood


You know you can do the impossible when you see someone else doing it. And you can get so much further, if others are there to give you support. In a world full of suits, seeing other women being amazing IS amazing. And amazingly powerful. Sisterhood isn’t about shutting anyone out. It’s about the simple fact that by saluting each other, we are all stronger.

Muöti is the new regular

Multi is the new regular

Monki’s own <3

Why is this world so full of prejudice? How can we judge others based on no more information than the shape of their bodies, the colour of their skin and the contour of their eyelids? Seriously, why?

Dance eat party repeat

Dance, eat, party, repeat

Monki’s own <3

Women are told to be humble, and that’s nice. We’re told to celebrate others, and that’s good. But we need to claim the right to be proud too! Let’s be humble when we need to and proud when we deserve to be. Celebrate your triumphs and achievements. Don’t hold back. Don’t say, oh, that was nothin’. It was something, and you did it. Never forget to celebrate. Like us, turning 10.