August 2014 Editor's Picks

Editor's Picks - Martin


Martin Gustavsson.

I work as:

Collection manager and concept designer for Monki Denim.

I love jeans because:

There’s just something genuinely cool about jeans. A quality that doesn’t change with the season. There’s nothing anxious about them. What I really love about a pair of jeans is that they’re always the best looking thing you can wear.

Monki jeans are:

I want Monki’s jeans line to be just like eggs and milk—things you just need. Things you can rely on. All the fits and the great washes you just need. AND the acid washes and fun treatments that are more like the truffle salamis of jeans. Sold at a great price. Monki jeans are your new favourite jeans.

My tricks for finding the perfect jeans:

It’s really just a matter of knowing what you prefer. And it really comes down to three key decisions:

1. Waistline: make a note of what makes you feel good, a high, low or mid waist?

2. Fit: what kind of a fit do you want? Do you want it to be super tight and follow your every curve, medium tight or do you want your jeans a bit more loose fit?

3. The denim: figure out what kind of jean fabric you prefer, and for what look. Consider the whole range, from the 100 % cotton (the classic jean fabric, with no stretch, usually found in wider fits) to the standard slim fits, with a percentage of stretch and all the way to what we call deluxe, the super stretch that really is like a second skin.

But really, it’s just about finding the jeans that you like and feel good in. No rules.

Trends right now:

While the slim fits are still a core style, as it has been for several years, the wider fits, and especially the Mom or girlfriend jeans are really taking off. And that’s cool. It’s a bolder look.

This autumn is going to be something special because:

I’m gonna run. A lot. And then I’m going to L.A. So I look forward to running across Laurel Canyon where all the cool rock people used to live. And to looking out for rattle snakes while jogging. Also, the Swedish elections are coming up. I look forward to voting. Of course.