March 2015 #monkistyle

Meet the #monkistyle girls!


Is this fab or what? We went BIG for our big spring campaign this year, and asked Monki staff Angelica, Emma, Fiona, Fre, Hanna, Malin, Maria, Matilde, Rebecca and Tove to style and present our fashion the #monkistyle way.

Fre Tove


Stock room boss

#monkistyle is like cute, nerdy. It’s like cool and nerdy at the same time. And very different. Mix whatever you want. And then you get #monkistyle


Sales advisor

I love a minimalistic look, but I love colours too. Why choose? #monkistyle

Hanna Maria


Store boss lady

I would say, a bit of the classics, mixed up with Monki patterns. Like the white cotton tees combined with like a tighter patterned skirts.


Assistant buyer

#monkistyle – I love it because it’s playful. Just like Monki! And I’ts also friendly, ‘cause I can see how you smile when you look at me.

Malin Fiona


Music & events coordinator

My #monkistyle: right NOW, I’m kinda into matching sets, matching pieces. And I love comfortable stuff, and oversized garments, and a lot of prints!


Social media coordinator

I love everything about #monkistyle! <3

Rebecca Emma


Print designer

I dress to express my mood! #monkistyle


Design assistant

I wear whatever I like. And that changes a lot, depending on how I feel. I find that at Monki, I can always find things that are right for whatever I feel like at the moment.

Angelica Matilde


Visual merchandiser

Everyone who shops Monki is so different, but it all comes together in one #monkistyle


Area visual

I love pattern mixing. I love the way these prints don’t go together even though they do.