February 2015 Monki Mozik

Mozik DJ



Nina Holmgren.




Purple-Matter (coming soon).

Weird talent:

Scoring from the 3-point line on the basketball court.

I dream of:

Sailing on a boat in the Caribbean Sea with my granddad who is 98 years old, he is my muse and the most bad ass person I know. I grew up on a boat and I want to go back to the amazing islands we visited, to eat fresh fish and hang out on the beach listening to the sound of steel drums.

Secret spot in your city which you love going to:

I love the basketball court in my ‘hood, and the amazing palm house in the botanical gardens.

I dance to:

Body talking music.

This makes me smile:

People dancing close.

My favourite artist:

I adore old school powerful soul ladies with a lot of heart, Portishead for their sound is so cinematic and Nas’s album It Was Written – it is genius.

Early bird or a night owl:


First thing you think of when you wake up:

I try not to think really, my bedroom is up under the roof with big windows above me, so right now I’m just kind of hypnotized when I wake up and get to stare directly into the sky.

Describe your Monki playlist in three words:

It is soulful, seductive and sexy. All the things you need in the winter!