December 2014 Monki Mozik

Pony Peaches



DJ-group The Pony Peaches: Shirah, Roxanne & Soerja.
The Monki Mozik January playlist is curated by Roxanne & Soerja




You can find us on Facebook, Spotify and Soundcloud.

Weird talent:

Pony Peaches as a team: Laughing, drinking, eating, loving and dancing during DJ-ing
Soerja's special talent is: She can sleep ANYWHERE
Roxanne's special talent is: She paints music

I dream of:

Roxanne: Taking over the world with love
Soerja: 365 days of summer

Secret spot in your city which you love going to:

Roxanne: The small side paths you can take into the parks
Soerja: "La France" in the Westerpark

I dance to:

Roxanne: African music all day long
Soerja: All the music that my body understands

This makes me smile:

Roxanne: A beautiful sky, children laughing
Soerja: Crazy memories

My favourite artist:

Roxanne: Yayoi Kusama (one of many) & all the kids in my art class
Soerja: My friends, my family and my students for making my life the most colorful piece of art in the world

Early bird or a night owl:

Roxanne is an early bird, she gets up when the sun does. As long as the sun’s up, Soerja’s up.