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    The Monki Jeans guide

    ...and there's more

    When it comes to finding the perfect pair of jeans, we all need a little bit of guidance. From loose fits and low waists to mid-rise flared fits and high-waist straight-leg styles – we’re here to help you find the perfect fit.

    Simply filter on waist (low, high, or regular) or leg (loose, tight, flare, or straight).
    Take a peek at our jeans size chart for some clarity, or browse through our denim FAQ.

    Shop by: Waist

    Low waist jeans

    Our low-waisted jeans are perfect for channelling your iconic Y2K self. Whether it’s low-rise loose fits, bootcut silhouettes, or straight-leg styles, pair them with a body-hugging tee and you’re good to go.

    High waist jeans

    Whatever the leg or fit, the higher, the better for that cinched waist look. If you’re on the hunt for something comfy, classic, and easy to style, it’s time that you meet our high-waisted jeans.

    Shop by: Leg

    Wide leg jeans

    No matter if it’s a high or low waist – a wide leg is always a good idea. Just ask our wide-legged friends Imoo, Giga, or Yoko.

    Loose fit jeans

    The must-have fit that goes as well with a party top as with oversized knitwear. So, if you also love the relaxed, baggy look, check out Giga or Imoo.

    Flared jeans

    It’s known that flared-leg jeans have been perfecting any outfit since, well – forever. Try Wakumi or Kiri; you won’t be disappointed.

    Straight leg jeans

    Classic, classy, and casual – all at the same time. They’re simply for all kinds of occasions and moods; just look at Moop and Naoki.

    International conversion guide

    See our conversion and measurement guides below.

    Alpha EUR Size (in) Waist
    XXS XXS 32 23 59.5 83.5
    24 62 86
    XS/S XS 34 25 64.5 88.5
    26 67 91
    S 36 27 69.5 93.5
    38 28 72 96
    M/L M 40 29 74.5 98.5
    30 77 101
    42 31 79.5 103.5
    32 82 106
    L 44 33 84.5 108.5
    34 87 111
    46 35    
    36 92 116
    XL/XXL XL 48 37    
    38 97 121
    50 39    
    40 102 126
    XXL 52      
    Alpha EUR Size (in) Waist

    How to measure yourself?

    A: Waist
    Measure around natural waistline at smallest part
    of the waist

    B: Seat
    Standing with legs together, measure around
    fullest part of seat

    C: Inseam
    Measure inside length of your leg from crotch and
    down to the floor

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The materials in Monki jeans – from our high waist mom jeans to the low rise flared jeans – are carefully chosen! Some facts about our jeans:

    • All cotton is organic, in-conversion, recycled or sourced through Better Cotton.
    • All styles contain at least 5% recycled cotton, and we are working to increase the shares.
    • Threads are made with recycled polyester (according to Global Recycled Standard).
    • All washes are classified and score green according to Jeanologia EIM (Environmental Impact Measurement).
    • The metal buttons and details are Natural Finish or Eco Finish from YKK Fastening Products Group.

    Find out more about our policy on materials and fibres!

    Good q! As for all good q’s, we have a long answear (in fact, no less then 3 answers!) for ya:

    Full length jeans

    All our lengths are based on an average height of around 168 cm, but full length jeans can be slightly different depending on the jeans style.

    Full length wide leg: Can reach the whole way to the floor
    Full length tight leg: Are slightly shorter, as there is a foot in the way.


    Ankle length jeans

    Ankle length jeans are not meant to be full length.
    Taiki ankle length jeans are meant to reach around your ankle


    Tall jeans

    Some of our most loved jeans styles are available in a Tall version. They are 5 cm longer than the original fit.

    Taiki Tall Jeans is still an ankle length style but designed for a person who is taller than 168cm.


    As with all our jeans, you’ll find the info on the specific product page <3

    The truth is: jeans don’t need to be washed that often. The best way to keep your jeans (and the environment!) in shape, is to remove stains if they appear, and air your jeans out or put them in a plastic bag in the freezer for 24 hours, to remove any odour and possible bacteria.

    The lesser you wash your jeans, the better the colours and fading will look, the better they’ll mold to your body – and the better for the environment. When you do wash your jeans: 30ºC is totally fine with today's efficient detergents.