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    Retouching & Casting

    We love our Monki community, YOU inspire us. Both in your values and also in your amazing #monkistyle.

    Which is why it’s so important for us to to be honest, transparent, diverse and inclusive in our imagery. Below you can read about our guidelines when it comes to casting, retouch and sizing.


    Monki was born from a desire to create a new kind of fashion experience – a brave, friendly and empowering place for young women – and since the very beginning we’ve tried our best to stay true to that vision. To us, being inclusive isn’t a trend or something to brag about: it’s the only way forward. We’re proud of the way we built a brand that shows beauty in many different forms, and we’ll keep on trying our best to show as much diversity as we can.

    When we work with models and talents we make sure that they get safe transport to and from location, that they work a maximum of ten hours (with breaks) and that they have healthy snacks and food on set. We make sure that the girls have a place to change and we ALWAYS inform them beforehand if it’s an underwear or swimsuit shoot or if the garments are made from a sheer or transparent fabric. And we never serve any alcohol on set.

    Being on a Monki shoot should be a fun, safe and comfortable experience. And regardless of external partners, like production companies, casting agents or photographers, we’re the ones that have to make sure of that.


    In a world of filters, retouching apps and growing unrealistic beauty standards, it’s almost impossible to know what’s real and what’s not. At Monki, we have one important rule: we want to stay true to the identity of the persons we’re working with. Therefore, we are continually committed to our mission of not retouching natural beauty. 

    Which is why you’re able to see everything in our images – all real things that are part of real life. We NEVER change body shapes, faces or skin. We also keep physical features like scars, tattoos, pimples, birthmarks, bruises, and cellulite.

    That said, sometimes we remove a crease on a shirt, dirt on a shoe or adjust the colour or contrast to better reflect the garment. 

    As a brand which creates fashion for young women, we have a responsibility towards our community, and we strongly want to empower women to feel good about themselves just the way they are – without aspiring to unrealistic social and fashion norms. As part of this we welcome local guidelines, policies and laws that aim to counteract body pressure in society, which is something we stand behind – now and forever.


    Monki has a variety of different fits, shapes and silhouettes. We like tight, figure hugging styles – and at the same time we love flowy, twirl friendly and loose-fitting garments. That’s just who we are. We love to play with proportions and designs which means that we have everything from fitted, regular and oversized silhouettes.

    Even if talking sizes is a bit of a yawn, they can be a useful tool. Imagine shopping online without them. Currently we cater for sizes between XXS and XL, which is the same as EUR 32–48, and we follow European standard sizes.