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    Materials & Fibres

    Our aim is to source only recycled or more sustainably sourced materials by 2030.

    For all our recycled materials, we use the independent third-party certifications GRS (Global Recycle Standard) and RCS (Recycled Claim Standard).

    We want to help you to make an informed choice when shopping at Monki. On the garments’ price tags and on our product information online you can find information about the specific garment components. Read on to find out more about those materials and fibres.

    Recycled cotton

    Recycled cotton is made from recycled cotton fabrics (e.g. recycled post-consumer garments) that are mechanically recycled and spun into new yarn. Recycled cotton reduces both the water use and the climate impact compared to virgin cotton fibres.

    Currently, all our jeans contain at least 5% recycled cotton from post-consumer waste (PCW) with some styles containing as much as 20%. Our all-time bestseller Yoko Classic is made entirely of recycled cotton; 80% from PIW (post-industrial waste — leftovers from the production process) and 20% from PCW.

    Recycled zipper tape

    All of our zipper tapes are made of 100% certified recycled polyester.

    This is featured in our jeans collection.

    Recycled thread

    All threads used on our denim garments are GRS certified (Global Recycled Standard) and made of 100% recycled polyester.

    This is featured in our jeans collection.

    Recycled polyester

    Polyester is an artificial fibre made from oil, which is used widely around the world, especially common in sportswear. Recycled polyester is a more sustainable option made from waste, such as PET bottles or polyester-based textiles — a way of preventing plastic waste from ending up in landfills.

    You’ll find recycled polyester in our underwear and swimwear.

    Recycled polyamide

    Polyamide is another popular oil-based fibre, often used to make underwear and tights, but also outerwear. We get our recycled polyamide from materials like old fishing nets and carpets. We also utilise leftover waste from production, a way of saving natural resources and reducing what ends up in landfills.

    You’ll find recycled polyamide in our underwear and swimwear.

    Recycled elastane

    The recycled elastane that we source is produced from pre-consumer waste generated through different steps of virgin elastane yarn production. This means a reduction in virgin material use, energy usage, chemicals and water consumption. This yarn has 100% recycled content.

    You’ll find recycled elastane in our swimwear.

    Post-Consumer Waste (PCW) vs. Pre-Consumer Waste

    Post-Consumer Waste (PCW): The garments you’ve bought, worn, loved and then recycled. We’ve taken those recycled garments and/or materials and created a new garment. For someone else to buy, wear, love, reuse and recycle all over again.  

    Pre-Consumer Waste: Warehouse waste and fabric scraps that occur in the factories that then can be put back into the manufacturing process.

    The no-no list

    There are some materials that we do not use in any Monki garments or our store interiors, packaging and other non-commercial goods.  

    • We don’t use rainforest products.
    • We don’t use real furs.
    • We don’t use angora wool.
    • We don’t use cashmere wool.
    • We don’t use mohair wool.
    • We don’t test any products on animals.
    • We don’t use PVC in our products.
    • We do not currently offer any products in leather, down or feathers.

    For more information you can read the H&M Group animal welfare policy