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    'No plastic' is the no.1 priority and request of our customers when it comes to packaging.

    We hear you. And since the start of 2020, we've been testing and rolling out our new more sustainable packaging. ­

    ­The result: packaging that we think is oh-so classy, simple and so much more sustainable.

    How it works: 

    We use unbranded bags & boxes 

    • Made from recycled paper
    • 100% recyclable and degradable 
    • From 100% sustainably managed forests 
    • Forest Stewardship Council certification 
    • Strong and durable so your package will arrive safely! 

    A pre-printed label 

    Branded and personalised! 

    Labels are made from a Thermo paper (the same as today's shipping labels with acrylic permanent adhesive). While this is good, it's still not perfect, so we're working on ways to make this component even better. 

    Exceptional usage of plastic polybags 

    Any jewellery you order on monki.com is packaged in plastic polybags to avoid damage to your garments. Because no one likes snagged knitwear, for example!