Mozik x Nemesis, Babe



Marie My.


Aalborg, DK.


Weird talent:

I have hyper mobile joints that let me do pretty much anything with my body - I'm super bendy!

I dream of:

Working in fashion and living on a houseboat.

Secret spot in your city which you love going to:

There's this abandoned backyard right by the main shopping street. It seems like no ones knows it's there and there's a staircase that leads up to an abandoned attic with loads of stuff in it. I plan to throw a secret party in that backyard this summer.

I dance to:

MØ & Justin Timberlake. 

This makes me smile:

Word games.

My favourite artist:

Billie Holiday.

Early bird or a night owl:

It changes. Right now: night owl. A month ago: early bird.

First thing you think of when you wake up:

Clothes and food.

Describe your Monki playlist in three words:

Dancy, fun and happy!