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    Find your new favourite pair of Monki jeans or denim in our sale edit! Go for the must-have low waist, cropped leg or classic flared jeans –they’re all made with organic cotton! More affordable must-haves are the 90s mom fit, mid-rise and high waist jeans. The best part is you don’t have to choose: go make all our denim styles your style: ‘cause they´re all on sale! <3

     Zami extra high waist straight blue jeans $33 $59.99
     Giga low waist loose jeans $35 $59.99
     Naoki low waist loose jeans $28 $59.99
     Naoki low waist loose jeans $30 $59.99
     Short A-line Denim Dress $25 $39.99
     Imoo low waist jeans $30 $64.99
     Cropped Stretchy Denim Jacket $25 $59.99
     Moop low waist straight jeans $25 $49.99
     Katsumi Low Waist Flared Jeans $25 $59.99
     Low waist press crease jeans $28 $59.99
     Low waist straight leg jeans $25 $54.99
     Low Capri Press Pleated Jeans $25 $49.99
     Low waist denim maxi skirt $30 $64.99
     Short Regular Denim Shorts $18 $34.99
     Low waist flared leg jeans $18 $34.99
     Short Regular Denim Shorts $25 $34.99
     Imoo low waist wide leg jeans $33 $59.99
     High waist flower blue denim shorts $19 $40
     Fitted Denim Jacket $28 $59.99
     Imoo Low Wide Rainbow Jeans $33 $69.99
     Mini Pinafore Denim Dress $30 $49.99
     Fitted Mini Denim Skirt $15 $34.99
     Low Loose Denim Shorts $20 $49.99
     Low waist midi denim skirt $19 $39.99
     Fitted Denim Jacket $25 $59.99
     Naoki low waist loose jeans $30 $59.99
     Short A-line Denim Dress $20 $39.99
     Fitted Mini Denim Skirt $15 $34.99

    Mid waist or high waist jeans? They’re all on sale! 

    Stock up on ur denim faves, or why not try out a new design to complete your wardrobe? The Monki jeans summer sale selection gives you both high waist jeans, and blue mid waist straight leg jeans. Go for classic or washed blue, or try a completely new shade. Easy to dress up, down, and everything in between! <3