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    Welcome to our jeans family! Our jeans are available in waist size 24-40 and they’re all made with 100% organic and recycled materials. We offer a wide range, so you can find a denim match for all your everyday needs.

     Yoko mid blue jeans 50,00 CHF
     Zami classic blue jeans 50,00 CHF
     Thea mid waist jeans 60,00 CHF
     Yoko black jeans 50,00 CHF
     Naoki classic blue jeans 70,00 CHF
     Kimomo black jeans 50,00 CHF
     Kimomo mid blue jeans 60,00 CHF
     Oki black deluxe jeans 40,00 CHF
     Yoko off-white jeans 60,00 CHF
     Nea blue high waist jeans 50,00 CHF
     Taiki straight leg black jeans 50,00 CHF
     Taiki jeans black 50,00 CHF
     Yoko cropped blue jeans 60,00 CHF
    Online exclusive
     Yoko cropped jeans 60,00 CHF
    Online exclusive
     Kimomo spot embroidery jeans 70,00 CHF
     Yoko dark brown jeans 50,00 CHF
     Taiki straight leg blue jeans 50,00 CHF
     Thea high waist jeans 60,00 CHF
     Yoko classic blue jeans 50,00 CHF
     Taiki straight leg light blue jeans 60,00 CHF
     Taiki vintage blue tall jeans 60,00 CHF
     Yoko jeans light blue 60,00 CHF
     Taiki jeans blue 50,00 CHF
     Micki wide leg jeans 60,00 CHF
    Online exclusive
     Monokomi mid waist black jeans 50,00 CHF
     Yoko flower embroidery jeans 70,00 CHF
     Kimomo vintage blue jeans 60,00 CHF
    Online exclusive
     Mozik jeans 60,00 CHF

    Flare jeans or straight leg?

    We’ve got you covered on all things denim. Scroll through everything from our wide leg Yoko jeans, cropped, high waist, ankle length, flare jeans, skinny leg, to our straight leg Taiki and other mom fit jeans. And did you know? Our all-time faves Yoko, Taiki and Kimomo are now available in extra-long length!

    Go ahead and discover your #monkistyle!

    What is mom jeans? How flared are the flared jeans? 
    Check out our jeans guide and size guide, for some tips about our different styles and fits. <3