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    The midi skirt is a true style star! Practice pattern clashing with our huge choice of florals, nature-inspired prints, polka dots, and gingham. The flowy floral a-line midi skirt is a true classic, but let’s not forget our classic black midi skirts or mesh skirts featuring Monki statement prints! Midi length – huge impact!

     Lightweight midi skirt 34,95 CHF
     Black frayed hem denim skirt 69,95 CHF
     Satin midi skirt 39,95 CHF
     Freyed hem blue denim skirt 69,95 CHF
     Midi Puffy Skirt 69,95 CHF
     Midi Tulle Skirt 69,95 CHF
     Buttoned black floral A-line midi skirt 25,00 CHF 37,95 CHF
     Classic blue denim midi skirt 49,95 CHF
     Tailored midi pencil skirt 47,95 CHF
     Long skirt with tie waist 30,00 CHF 34,95 CHF
     Midi wrap skirt 47,95 CHF
     Black midi denim skirt 49,95 CHF
     Low waist midi denim skirt 26,00 CHF 47,95 CHF
     Midi wrap skirt 25,00 CHF 35,00 CHF
     Mesh midi skirt 29,95 CHF
     Asymmetric Lace Skirt 39,95 CHF
     Midi wrap skirt 35,00 CHF 47,95 CHF
     Lightweight midi skirt 34,95 CHF
     Grey midi denim skirt 49,95 CHF
    NEW! Knitted Midi Pencil Skirt 49,95 CHF
     Lightweight midi skirt 34,95 CHF
     Midi Sequin Skirt 49,95 CHF
     Corduroy midi skirt 49,95 CHF
     Knee-Length A-line Poplin Skirt 49,95 CHF
     Satin midi skirt 20,00 CHF 39,95 CHF
     Midi denim skirt 49,95 CHF
     Midi denim skirt 49,95 CHF
     Satin midi skirt 39,95 CHF

    Flowy floral midi skirts or fitted bodycon mesh midi’s? 

    Seersucker, mesh, and sheer midi skirts are perfect for both busy 'n lazy summer days. Keep things a little bit chic with a sleek satin skirt or a flowy pleated midi skirt style to suit every occasion. Try out something new with wrap style cuts for ur perfect midi skirt match! <3