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    Thinking about the perfect accessories to finish off ur look? Not into pricey stuff? We have the perfect solution for u: our Monki shoes & accessory selection with reduced prices! We’ve got you covered on everything from chunky heels or knee-high boots to that perfect lil’ black or green shoulder bag, varsity socks, hair accessories, and more! <3

     Black Mary Jane platform heels 38,00 CHF 69,95 CHF
     5-pack white ankle socks 14,00 CHF 15,00 CHF
    3 for 2
     Hairy knitted scarf 10,00 CHF 34,95 CHF
     Slim studded faux leather belt 15,00 CHF 29,95 CHF
     Padded mini totebag 10,00 CHF 34,95 CHF
     Faux suede slipper boots 40,00 CHF 69,95 CHF
     Bow choker necklace 14,00 CHF 24,95 CHF
     Slipper boots 30,00 CHF 47,95 CHF
     Faux croc mini bowling bag 10,00 CHF 34,95 CHF
     Mole knee-high chunky chelsea boots 50,00 CHF 99,95 CHF
     Faux fur boots 40,00 CHF 79,95 CHF
     Padded mini totebag 10,00 CHF 34,95 CHF
     Soft knit grey beanie 13,00 CHF 24,95 CHF
     Ribbed leg warmers 13,00 CHF 24,95 CHF
     Soft knit scarf 20,00 CHF 29,95 CHF
     Black slipper boots 30,00 CHF 47,95 CHF
    Online exclusive
     2-pack zig zag headbands 10,00 CHF 14,95 CHF
     Wide frameless sunglasses 13,00 CHF 27,95 CHF
     Teddy slippers 15,00 CHF 29,95 CHF
     Checkered cotton tote bag 9,00 CHF 15,00 CHF
     Small hand bag 9,00 CHF 29,95 CHF
     Soft knit scarf 15,00 CHF 29,95 CHF
     Bright green faux croc small hand bag 15,00 CHF 29,95 CHF
    Online exclusive
     Soft knit scarf 20,00 CHF 29,95 CHF
     Black short beanie 8,00 CHF 14,95 CHF
     Houndstooth baker boy cap 15,00 CHF 29,95 CHF
     Purple faux leather wallet 13,00 CHF 25,00 CHF
     Five-pack socks 13,00 CHF 24,95 CHF
    3 for 2

    Explore all Monki style accessories at reduced prices! 

    Find ur new favourite accessories or pair of shoes at a dreamy price! We have all the chunky boots, wrap around sunglasses, berets, and cute shoulder bags to make any outfit – but not ur wallet – pop. No matter if you’re into oversized cat eye sunglasses or if you’re after cute rainbow socks to match ur sneakers – no need to look any further! <3