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    Find your new fave pair of Monki jeans or denim @ reduced prices! Go for the on-trend low waist, classic flared jeans, or cropped leg – they’re all style heroes! More affordable best-friends to be are the mid-rise jeans babes, 90s retro high waist mom fit: and ofc the utility cargo jeans – just think about all those pockets! Go treat urself: they´re all made with 100% organic cotton, and they’re all at a reduced price! <3

     Zami extra high waist straight blue jeans 38,00 CHF 59,95 CHF
     Denim dungarees 40,00 CHF 69,95 CHF
     Yoko high waist wide off-white jeans 25,00 CHF 60,00 CHF
     Giga low waist loose jeans 40,00 CHF 69,95 CHF
     Naoki low waist loose jeans 33,00 CHF 69,95 CHF
     Taiki high waist tapered jeans black 25,00 CHF 49,95 CHF
     Imoo low waist jeans 25,00 CHF 69,95 CHF
     Iku high waist loose embellished jeans 40,00 CHF 79,95 CHF
     Kimomo high waist mid blue slim jeans 35,00 CHF 60,00 CHF
     Yoko high waist wide light blue ankle jeans 25,00 CHF 60,00 CHF
    Online exclusive
     Blue denim dungarees 40,00 CHF 69,95 CHF
     Taiki high waist straight leg blue jeans 30,00 CHF 50,00 CHF
    Online exclusive
     Zami extra high waist blue straight jeans 26,00 CHF 60,00 CHF
     Camilla low waist cargo jeans 25,00 CHF 69,95 CHF
     Yara mid waist straight black jeans 28,00 CHF 70,00 CHF
     Kimomo tall high waist slim black jeans 25,00 CHF 50,00 CHF
    Online exclusive
     Katsumi Low Waist Flared Jeans 25,00 CHF 69,95 CHF
     Cargo jeans blue flowers 35,00 CHF 70,00 CHF
     Taiki high waist straight leg light blue jeans 30,00 CHF 60,00 CHF
     Taiki high waist straight leg off-white jeans 25,00 CHF 60,00 CHF
     Moop low waist straight medium blue jeans 20,00 CHF 49,95 CHF
     Moop low waist straight black jeans 20,00 CHF 49,95 CHF
     Taiki high waist tapered grey jeans 30,00 CHF 49,95 CHF
     Yara blue mid waist jeans 30,00 CHF 70,00 CHF
     Naoki low waist loose jeans 33,00 CHF 69,95 CHF
     Naoki low waist blue loose jeans 40,00 CHF 70,00 CHF
     Moop low waist straight jeans 30,00 CHF 49,95 CHF
     Oki high waist tight washed black jeans 15,00 CHF 39,95 CHF

    Low waist or mid waist jeans? They’re all at a reduced price!

    Reduced prices mean u’re in for a treat! Stock up on ur denim faves, or try out a new jeans design to complete ur wardrobe. Here u’ll find everything from black or blue low waist jeans feat. a wide leg, to retro high waist meets cropped leg. Go for classic washed blue, or stick to black shades – or try out grey jeans! They’re all at wallet-friendly prices <3