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    Skirts are dreamy, and so are these prices! Stock up on your fave skirt styles, or try something new to brighten up your style and explore new combos – without breaking ur wallet! Here u’ll find affordable midi, mini, and maxi skirts with styles ranging from button up denim skirts, classic pleated tennis skirts, or flowy midi wrap skirts. Best part 1: they’re all at a reduced price! Best part 2: Every season is skirt season, meaning they’ll match perfectly with a lil’ one-sleeve top, as well as ur best varsity jacket or well, anything. <3

     Mesh tube skirt 26,00 CHF 39,95 CHF
     Corduroy mini skirt 30,00 CHF 39,95 CHF
     Layered midi skirt 20,00 CHF 39,95 CHF
     Satin midi skirt 35,00 CHF 39,95 CHF
     Shiny mini skirt 30,00 CHF 39,95 CHF
     Mole linen blend wrap skirt 26,00 CHF 39,95 CHF
     Asymmetric midi skirt 25,00 CHF 39,95 CHF
     Low waist knee length skirt 28,00 CHF 47,95 CHF
     Satin midi skirt 28,00 CHF 39,95 CHF
     Shiny ribbed maxi skirt 25,00 CHF 39,95 CHF
     Side pleat tennis skirt 30,00 CHF 39,95 CHF
     Faux leather mini skirt 30,00 CHF 39,95 CHF
     Denim midi skirt 24,00 CHF 49,95 CHF
     Grey jersey pencil skirt 15,00 CHF 34,95 CHF
     Freyed hem denim skirt 35,00 CHF 69,95 CHF
     Asymmetric midi skirt 25,00 CHF 39,95 CHF
     Black parachute maxi skirt 33,00 CHF 50,00 CHF
     Washed Ruffled Mini Skirt 14,00 CHF 29,95 CHF
     Smocked ruffle mini skirt 20,00 CHF 39,95 CHF
     Smocked ruffle mini skirt 26,00 CHF 39,95 CHF
     Side pleat tennis skirt 30,00 CHF 39,95 CHF
     Side slit midi skirt 25,00 CHF 34,95 CHF
     Low waist maxi denim skirt 28,00 CHF 49,95 CHF
     Blue denim patchwork skirt 38,00 CHF 60,00 CHF
     A-line mini skirt 20,00 CHF 29,95 CHF
     Low waist denim maxi skirt 35,00 CHF 69,95 CHF
     Off-white floral jacquard midi skirt 33,00 CHF 60,00 CHF
    Online exclusive
     Satin midi skirt 26,00 CHF 34,95 CHF

    Update ur wardrobe with ur dream skirt at a reduced price!

    Check out our classic Monki statement prints and patterns, like checkered skirts or floral a-line mini or midi skirts. Say hi to our monochromes like our black pleated, or ribbed midi skirts. Try our stretchy bodycon skirts or skirts in shiny satin, or layer up in a chunky knitted skirt. From everyday style to party showstopper – we have a skirt for every need and every mood. And for a dreamy price! <3