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    U know that pair of checkered trousers or low rise jeans that u’ve sought after for weeks now? Or the cosy black trousers with drawstring waistline that u wish u had another pair of? Good news: they’re all here at Reduced Prices! Whether you’re after casual denim shorts, chic high-waist tailored trousers, or flowy wide leg trousers – our outlet selection will feed your inspo while not breaking ur budget! 

     High waist medium blue denim shorts 30,00 CHF 40,00 CHF
     Linen blend trousers wide leg pink 28,00 CHF 49,95 CHF
     Linen blend trousers wide leg blue 28,00 CHF 49,95 CHF
     High waist denim shorts white 25,00 CHF 40,00 CHF
     Linen blend shorts regular waist bright green 14,00 CHF 38,00 CHF
     Linen blend shorts regular waist black 15,00 CHF 38,00 CHF
     Yoko corduroy trousers high waist wide leg off-white 26,00 CHF 50,00 CHF
     Wide leg satin trousers floral 26,00 CHF 48,00 CHF
     Striped high waist denim shorts 30,00 CHF 40,00 CHF
     Linen blend shorts regular waist beige 15,00 CHF 38,00 CHF
     White high-waisted corduroy trousers 30,00 CHF 50,00 CHF
    Online exclusive
     High waist denim shorts blue 20,00 CHF 35,00 CHF
     Linen blend shorts regular waist cobalt blue 15,00 CHF 38,00 CHF
     High waist tailored grid checkered trousers dark blue 28,00 CHF 48,00 CHF
     Black high waist denim shorts 33,00 CHF 48,00 CHF
     High waist wide leg lightweight pop flowers trousers 30,00 CHF 50,00 CHF
     Scribble print lightweight shorts 9,00 CHF 30,00 CHF
     Orange high waist denim shorts 25,00 CHF 35,00 CHF
     Blue high waist denim shorts 33,00 CHF 48,00 CHF
     Corduroy trousers straight leg stretch dark green 30,00 CHF 48,00 CHF
    Online exclusive
     Black bicycle shorts 14,00 CHF 20,00 CHF
     Brown high-waisted corduroy trousers 35,00 CHF 50,00 CHF
    Online exclusive
     Black textured flared trousers 28,00 CHF 35,00 CHF
     High waist denim shorts pink tie-dye 25,00 CHF 35,00 CHF
     Black pleated trousers 25,00 CHF 35,00 CHF
     Brown classic straight leg trousers 30,00 CHF 48,00 CHF
     Spring checks seersucker shorts 15,00 CHF 40,00 CHF
     Cotton sweatpants 20,00 CHF 35,00 CHF

    Find your new fave Monki trousers at a reduced price!

    Indulge yourself with a new favourite pair of trousers or shorts at a super affordable price! Get set to relax in comfy sweatpants, tracksuit bottoms, leggings, or bicycle shorts. Or maybe you’re more into parachute trousers, high waisted tailored trousers, wide legged trousers, or corduroy trousers?   They’re all here, better grab ‘em before they’re gone! <3