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    Monki <3 Festivals + Little Jinder

    We’re super excited that Swedish Grammy Award winning artist, Little Jinder, will be our festival eyes and ears this summer in Gothenburg taking over our @monki Intagram account, 14-15 August. While you’re waiting for her festival snaps, read on to hear about her fave festival memories and tips!

    What are your festival staples? (clothes, toiletries, people, pets, other miscellaneous fun things)

    A crystal ball to look into your friend’s futures between gigs.

    What are your top 3 festival tips?

    Actually GO to the concerts. Go with friends who are up for a good time. Dance! 

    Who are you looking forward to seeing most this year?


    What are you festival wardrobe staples?

    Pick one outfit that you feel comfortable and awesome in. Like your favourite oversized band t-shirt, a short skirt, sneakers and a jacket. Then you’re set for the whole festival! :D

    Tell us something about your playlist?

    I love it.

    What do you like most about summer?

    All the festivals I’m playing at and all the travelling. I love to wake up and not know where I am, look out the window and still not know cause every Swedish city looks the same. If I’m in Stockholm, I like that the city is empty, because everybody’s on vacation. 

    Tell us about your #monkistyle festival look.

    Most important is to have a jacket you love, and I love my silver jacket from Monki.

    What is your favourite festival memory/story?

    Probably when I played Coachella, and didn’t know what Coachella was. Danny Devito was in the front for the whole gig staring at me (freaky!! The penguin from Batman!!) Usher approached me afterwards and, a friend swiped a bottle of champagne from Paris Hilton.

    What do you dance to?

    Drum & Bass!!! 

    What is your guiltiest music pleasure?

    My own music lol!

    Describe this festival in 3 words.

    Party! Party! Party!

    What are you most looking forward to at this festival? (an act, exploring the city, seeing friends, performing, etc)

    Performing!!!!! So psyched!!

    And If you can’t catch Little Jinder live this festival season, never fear! Follow @monki to stay tuned for her Instagram takeover - it’s the next best thing after all.