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    Meet Lynnie Zulu

    Lynnie is an illustrator and artist who mixes colour with energy and a heap of talent in patterns and prints that made our designers go wow, let’s make a collection together. So we did! #Magic #printsoulmates

    Tell us all about Lynnie Zulu!

    I grew up on the Scottish Border with not much culture or even people around. But my mother, who is also an artist, provided an exciting world of inspiration. She grew up in Tanzania and was full of stories and wonderful relics… 

    How would you describe your particular brand of illustration? 

    Jazzy… Snazzy… A mix of colour and energy. 

    What was your idea for the Lynnie Zulu for Monki collection?

    A refreshing dip into the summer of 2015. I've always had a big love for tropical visuals and mystifying characters. Some of the prints make you go on a visual discovery trip, the more you look, the more you'll see.

    What do you think of the collection? 

    It's completely wild, I love it! I aim to spend my summer by the pool in that printed two-piece, by the way.

    How would you describe Monki?

    Eclectic, fun, fresh. 

    What drew you to this collaboration?

    I really loved your vision, the cut, style and overall application of your ideas. Nothing is off limits. And your cheeky sense of humour definitely comes across in your collections, which was an instant connection to my work and myself!

    A Monki favourite returns when the Monki x Lynnie Zulu collection is in store: all customers get 10 % discount just for smiling at the store staff (20 May-24 May 2015)! What makes you smile? 

    My boyfriend, sunshine, silliness, random acts of kindness.