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    Monki Denim X Dolores Haze: Meet Foxy Sagz


    Foxy Sagz aka Saga


    Drummer/ the excited one 


    Monki Oki Jeans

    Diving straight in, how would you describe Dolores Haze in 5 words: 

    Disgusting, my best friends, my safe, fun, crazy

    So with 4 awesome strong willed ladies together, how does it work creating music… 

    One of us comes up with something like the guitar for one song, or a drum beat, then we get together in our rehearsal space and create together. Some times it’s really smooth, most time we kind of fight over things. We can fight over different inspirations for songs, how it should turn out.

    Do you all have different musical inspirations? 

    We have loads of influences, mostly it’s one person/band for a period, sometimes we only listen to emo music together. We’re together so much we’re inspired by the same persons/bands.

    Is it the same when it comes to fashion inspo? Who inspires you? 

    Probably Nicki. Nicki and I always copy each other; we get inspired by each other.

    So we’ve got you ladies here today for our Monki Denim X Dolores Haze collab. So let’s talk Jeans, love em? What’s your go-to style? 

    I’ve always loved denim and wore black skinny jeans to make statement when I was smaller. The jeans you wear is connected to what music you like, you can tell. And when going on tour you pack a lot of jeans, you can change your look by changing your jeans. 

    You’re wearing and testing out the Monki Oki jeans, what do you love about them?

    They have the perfect height; they’re not really super high or low, but in the middle. And I love how stretchy they are, you can do karate and play drums in them.Also practical for a tour? You can just wear ‘em and air ‘em out.

    Do you have any other ‘un’ washing tips for touring? 

    On tour sometimes you spill food on your jeans and you can’t just go home and change. So I take a towel put some some water on it and, disgusting as it is, I just tap it and clean it way. It mostly works on darker jeans. 

    So smart. 

    So you’re the drummer, quite a physical instrument! Does this thought come into how you plan your outfits for gigs? 

    On stage I have to think about not being dressed too warm as I’m the drummer, but I also think about something so the audience can see me. So I usually wear more fun things on stage than normal.

    And speaking of up coming tours, I hear you’re going to Iceland to play at Airwaves festival? 

    Yes, and Tyra has planned our whole journey after it from scratch; decided what we’re going do and when we’re going to do it, a real tourist trip.

    And before we go, dream fika date; who would you want to meet and what would you eat? 

    Maybe… Bjork. I’m interested in what she eats and drinks for her fika, she doesn’t feel like the regular kanelbullar (cinnamon bun) type of girl.

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