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    Monki Denim X Dolores Haze: Meet Groovy Fuck


    Groovy Fuck aka Tyra


    Rhythm guitar/ the calm one


    Monki Taiki

    So you’re the calm one, are you like that in real life, I mean when you’re not with the band?

    Ha ha! Yeah as I’m always with the band, even when I’m not with the band.

    Still calm if you’re graduating soon/graduated when we publish this! So what’s your future in 1 word? 

    Hummm what’s the English word, unsure? I don’t know what will happen, what grades I will get, if I will get into other schools, or get a job it could be everything or nothing or, but I’m totally fine with that, whatever will work out. I’m easy going.

    How would you describe Dolores Haze in 5 words? 

    A bit gross, impatience, young in everything we do, not just age wise, but if you hang out with us, you’ll discover we’re young, we like to do stupid stuff.

    What’s been your fave gig so far? 

    My favourite was when we released our second EP, like early 2014 before we were signed. We created a release party with our friends and that party was really wild…

    Speaking of wild parties, where’s the craziest place music has taken you? 

    There was this pre party for P3 Guld Galan (Swedish Radio Awards) last year. A lot of things happened, like a guy pooped in a flower pot and the singer from the Soundtrack of Our Lives fell through the roof to mine and Nicki’s bedroom so that was all over the news (that was actually that was good PR for us!). John from the Libertines was there, their band was playing and I did his make up for him, like all 2003 emo with all black around his eyes. 

    Groovy Nickz jumps in Yeah and we got a stone, a healing stone. From some other band and you were supposed to put the stone on your forehead… I was so calm… 

    Ha ha, she is the queen placebo. So that was probably one of the craziest, because there was so much going on.

    Fun! But what about the hard stuff. I hear you ladies get frustrated by being pigeon-holed as a ‘girl band’?

    People have this expectation on girls making music, that every girl making music has to be a role model for other girls even if its being cocky and cool, or a good person. So if any girl smokes or gets caught on film being way to drunk, they’re seen as being a bad role model. But that’s being real, I think you’re being role model enough for just being in a band taking the space that you want to take. You shouldn’t have to be it in every aspect of your life. 

    So true. We love that you’re encouraging other to take space and do what you want! Another thing we love about you ladies is your srsly great #monkistyle. Tell me about it? 

    I’ve had the exact same aesthetic for two years, actually we were at Karlstad for a gig where we played exactly 1 year ago, and Saga took a photo of me in the sofa I looked at the photo from 1 year ago and I had the exact same outfit and the same pose with the beer can… so my aesthetic is everything black, not naked and brit-pop inspired.

    And I believe you’re a fan of Monki jeans

    Yeah I bought a pair when I was 10. I took a street dancing class I needed a really cool pair of jeans so that I could look hip hop. I had them till last year, then I dyed them black in my washing machine because I don’t really wear light jeans any more. I wore them for street dancing lessons and during entire middle school then in high school when I went to festivals … eventually they fell apart after 7 years.

    So what do you think about the current Monki denim collection you’re road testing? 

    I like the short and washed-black jeans (Taiki) I love that they’re short so that you can see my ankles. I love that a lot especially when I’m wearing high boots and, they’re not too tight, as I’m not fond about tight pants. But they’re tight around the waist and nice and high. 

    So random clothing question, have you had any clothing malfunctions a-la Lenny Kravitz? 

    Ha, no, but Lollo’s dress once dropped, so it hung like a skirt! but I don’t think I’ve ever had any because I always have the same outfits; I have two pairs of pants and a few black turtle necks, a few polos and a few shirts that I vary between. Sort of like someone in a cartoon…

    I hear you, I like stripy shirts. And baking. Speaking of which your dream fika date – who would it be with and what would you have? (Fika is a Swedish coffee break, usually featuring coffee and some sort of baked good.) 

    I really like a good cup of black coffee and snus. And who would you like share it with? Oh wow, this is a tough one! Dead or alive? Could I think? Oh wait, the Finnish author, Tove Jansson (author of the Moomins) I would really like to have fika with her. Partly I would really like to to talk to her and also she feels like a fika person. Sitting down and talking with the Moomin mum, chilling ...

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