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    Mozik X Oh Land



    Oh Land


    Danish born, residing in Brooklyn & touring the world!


    We think it’s awesome and brave that you’ve self-recorded and crowd-funded some of your albums. Do you see yourself in this way?

    I think I’m pretty fearless when it comes to creativity. I’m scared in many other ways, like of heights! But when it comes to imagining things, I have no restrictions. When I’m inspired by something new, the excitement overshadows any doubt.

    Touring, seriously hard work, or seriously fun!?

    When you can make a living from your passion you have to expect to work hard!

    Favourite type of party?

    The ones where you end up night swimming! We often end up swimming and jumping into dark waters around the world, like post-show in Australia. Afterwards, we were told that the sharks hunt at night. We didn’t go in again!

    What gets you in the mood to party?

    Being open and optimistic. There’s always a reason to party if you’re happy. Don’t go to a party to GET happy, go because you are happy.

    Who would you most love to party with?

    Michael Jackson. I feel like there would be a ton of glitter, moves and soft-spoken sweetness.

    Your ultimate no.1 party track?

    Walk like an Egyptian by The Bangles. You just can’t be glum!

    Describe your #monkistyle?

    Spontaneous and mood driven. I don’t spend more than 5 minutes on deciding what to wear, because then you will start judging yourself, and often people like you best when you go with your instinct. 

    5 minutes to party, what do you do?

    Dip my face in glitter and throw on some killer shoes.