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    Santtu Mustonen For Monki

    Meet Santtu Mustonen, a New York based, Finish born illustrator, and creator of the new presentation of the Monki World graphics.

    Tell us a little about the work that you created for Monki. 

    The visuals I created for Monki are glimpses into a vast, crazy imaginative world. I hope the viewer will look at them and imagine a much larger landscape beyond what I have created. 

    What was the inspiration of the work?

    Exotic and strange worlds. Though I have traveled beyond North America and central Europe, I frequently visit public parks. I also like to catch the seasonal foliage at the botanical gardens.

    What appealed most to you about the brief? 

    Speaking to Catharina Frankander about her incredible ideas and imagination and having the concept of creating these sort of crazy imaginary worlds was really appealing to me.

    When did you first encounter Monki?

    My friend bought me a yellow from there – I actually still used it. And I sort of stumbled into one of the stores in Helsinki a few years ago. It was very intriguing.

    What did you want to convey with the graphics?

    Visual joy for whoever sees it.